Wakha launches newest luxury diner at Jumeirah

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Restaurant invites customers new and old to embark on a culinary adventure where they create and name their own dish.

The acclaimed restaurant chain Wakha, that specializes in Afghani and Shinwari cuisines, has launched its latest diner at Jumeirah, Dubai. The restaurant adds flavor to its dishes by using ingredients from the region to make recipes that delight customers with a memorable dining experience.


What we experienced at the launch day was an amalgamation of two great cuisines on one table. Afghani & Pakistani cuisine. Dishes from Peshawar & specialties from Afghanistan took us to a great culinary journey. Peshawar known for its hospitality & specialties from the generous land of Afghanistan are all available here at Wakha restaurant. Generous portions are served in each of its dishes. The flavor , juiciness and quality of meat and serving portions is all remarkable. We had the Wakha Platter which is a combination of Shinwari Lamb Tikka, Shinwari Chicken Tikka, Kabuli Beef & Chicken Tikka served on Kabuli Pulao & Naan. This generous portion is good enough for four people.


We had the sumptuous Kebabs & Shinwari Lamb Karahi.

A true meat Indulgence where all flavors are intact in dishes with not much spices so as to meet the choices of the mix culture living in UAE.
Yet another location to enjoy the upcoming cooler days in Dubai with an outdoor seating arrangement & Shisha.

The menu has a lot of interesting items to enjoy. We ended up with Qehwa & Semolina Halwa.


Muhammad Azam, Co-founder, Wakha, said: “At Wakha, our ambition has always been to serve our valued customers with the healthiest, freshest and most authentic Shinwari and Afghani cuisines available without the use of any processed spices and oil. We constantly strive to facilitate the best possible dining experience to everybody who walks through our doors and all customers are now able to choose their meat, how it is cut, pick different combinations of flavors and cooking styles, and also name their dish and take the precise details of their recipes.”

He continued: “We believe in providing a platform for a culinary adventure like no other and the approach we are adopting at our new restaurant places no restrictions on visitors with regards to eating options. We only use natural ingredients such as green spices, tomatoes, salt and lamb fat or fresh butter while all our signature cuisines are 100 percent halal. We look forward to welcoming everyone who visits the new restaurant in the coming months and years and providing them with a special dining experience like no other.”

Wakha, co-owned by Waqas Talat, Aqeel Sarwar, Saad Talat and Muhammad Azam was established with a clear vision to offer a true and authentic taste in the UAE and other international markets. The distinctive feature of the Shinwari cuisine is that all meat is charcoal grilled or cooked with lamb fat and salt with no or customized spices to provide a delicious and real taste of meat. The most famous items from the Shinwari cuisine are: Shinwari lamb karahi – fresh lamb cooked in natural lamb fat, tomatoes, green chillies and salt; Shinwari chicken karahi – fresh chicken cooked in natural lamb fat or fresh butter, tomatoes, green chillies and salt; Shinwari lamb tikka – charcoal-grilled fresh lamb seasoned with salt and natural lamb fat; Dumpukht/Rosh – succulent fresh lamb meat cooked on a very low flame in its juices and bone marrow for three to four hours with potatoes and seasoned aromatic herbs.

Wakha’s Afghani cuisine provides a real-time alternative for those interested in the rich Central Asian culture of Afghanistan. The flagship dish of the Afghani cuisine is the Kabuli Palao, which consists of tender lamb or beef, long grained steamed rice, raisins, julienned carrots, Kofta Nakhod, beef meat balls and grounded chickpeas.

Ligo Electric is looking forward to a prosperous cooperation with the highly committed partner TNS and great success for the Swiss brand VALERA in the UAE.

The Swiss brand VALERA is starting through in full force to conquer the UAE consumer market with its high quality professional hairdryers and styling appliances. For this aim, Ligo Electric SA, the Swiss manufacturer of the brand, has started a cooperation with the established distributor company TNS in 2019.


VALERA is already enjoying a strong reputation as a Swiss Quality brand in many important markets worldwide. Since 1955 VALERA has been producing haircare equipment and has gained its particular expertise in professional hairstyling appliances from its close cooperation with the professional hairdressing industry. All hairdryers and straighteners are MADE IN SWITZERLAND: designed, developed and manufactured in the company’s own factory in Ticino. Since 1995 the company’s processes are ISO 9001 certified. The concept of «total quality» is constantly and uncompromisingly applied to all business sectors. Furthermore, own manufacturing guarantees important advantages in lead time and market flexibility. VALERA keeps what the Swiss cross promises in terms of values like quality, precision, respect for health and environment, exclusivity.
After having established the cooperation in 2019, VALERA and TNS will take off in 2020 with important product launches and promotions. The vision is clearly defined as becoming one of the leaders in the consumer hair care appliances category, offering high demanding private consumers the experience of real salon quality at home. VALERA, known worldwide as the Swiss Hair Specialists, has all the credentials to make this dream come true. The brand is already leading the hairdryer category in the Hospitality sector in the UAE.

VALERA professional hairdryers distinguish themselves from the competitors with exclusive and patented technical features such as ROTOCORD, the swivel device preventing tangles in the 3 meters long professional cord, and the cool TOUCH ME nozzle.

Beside its strength in professional hairdryers, VALERA convinces with special product solutions such as Swiss Bébé, a gentle and safe infant hair & body dryer, unique on the UAE market.


VALERA is „Best Brand of the Year 2019“  within the hairdryer product category

The title is one of the highest awarded by the PLUS X AWARD jury. It is only awarded once a year to the brand that has received the most awards in its product category.

VALERA thus joins the illustrious league of globally known brands in the consumer goods industry, which have already won this title in other product categories. The award recognizes the innovative strength and excellent quality of the hairdryers produced in Switzerland.

The hairdryer ePower2020 is „Best Product of the Year 2019“

VALERA›s new hairdryer, which combines professional styling performance with environmental sustainability, has already won the PLUS X AWARD in three categories: High Quality, Design and Ease of Use. On top of that, ePower2020 now gained the title «Best Product of the Year 2019».

This special award is given only once in each product category, to the best of the best products, namely the one that has been awarded in the most categories.

We are proud that our modern vision of sustainable performance has impressed the experts at the world›s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. ePower2020 is the perfect hairdryer for demanding hairstylists and private users who wish to use an environmentally friendly appliance while saving on energy costs without sacrificing drying performance or styling results.

Compared to a standard 2000 Watt hairdryer, it consumes 25 percent less energy. The digital brushless motor does not emit carbon dust and guarantees an extremely long service life (up to 10,000 hours). On the performance side, ePower2020 scores in this comparison with 29 percent more airflow and a 26 percent higher drying rate.

Highest quality and environmental sustainability are the success factors that distinguish Valera, the Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

High Performance. Low Impact.

Who says that outstanding performance indicators are associated with high energy consumption, rapid component wear and a short product lifespan?

VALERA proves with its latest hairdryer, ePower 2020, that it’s possible to combine excellent drying results with a low environmental impact and a long service life.

Behind the slogan “Dry smart, save energy” and the “e” in the name, there are tangible values:

  • “e” for energy – powerful air production (m³/h) +29%*
  • “e” for excellence – excellent hair drying power (g/min) +26%*
  • “e” for efficiency – high energy efficiency [ (g/min)/Wh ] +32%*
  • “e” for eco-friendly – low energy consumption [Wh/(g/min) ] -25%*

The “EVOLUTION Brushless Digital BLDC” motor is the latest generation of digital technology and the core of VALERA’s professional hairdryer for a sustainable future. It is small and lightweight, but extremely powerful and longlasting (up to 10,000 hours). Unlike traditional motors, it does not pollute the environment with carbon emissions. The ePower 2020 is ultra-silent and super light, and is fitted with all exclusive VALERA accessories: the ROTOCORD swivel device with a 3-metre cable, two ultra-slim professional concentrator nozzles, including the cool TOUCH ME nozzle and a diffuser. There’s a choice of two elegant colours: Pure White and Crystal Black.

ePower 2020 is professional hairstyling with responsibility towards the environment. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

*Compared with standard 2000 W hairdryers.

Pure Luxury 24 Karat gold-plated

With its Swiss elegance, VALERA excels in combining traditional values and classic design with today’s technical standards. A beautiful example of this is its series of SWISS METAL MASTER metal hairdryers – salon tools for hairdressers and attractive appliances for individuals who like to surround themselves with gorgeous vintage style.

A very special eye catcher in the salon as well as in private homes is certainly the GOLD model within this popular series. The premium steel body of the Swiss Metal Master Light GOLD is 24 Karat gold-plated to impart an extra touch of luxury.
The popular features of this appealing hairdryer include:

  • Powerful air flow with negative ions, which protect the hair from drying out
  • Narrow blow dryer nozzle for precision styling
  • Diffuser attachment to gently dry curls
  • 3-metre long professional SuperFlex cable

As with all VALERA metal hairdryers, it comes with a cloth bag for stylish and protective storage. Even though the Swiss Metal Master Light GOLD is far too beautiful to hide!

Swiss Metal Master Light GOLD – classical design, cutting edge technology. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

The brightly coloured fashion statement

For everyone who likes creative, bright colours that are inspired by fashion and trends, there is now VALERA VANITY, a line of professional hairdryers in the latest colours: Pretty Purple, Royal Blue and Hot Pink. These attractive devices are fitted with cutting-edge technology, to meet the needs of hairstylists and demanding private consumers.

For each of the three colours, there are three technical models to choose from:

  • Vanity Hi-Power – extremely powerful and durable with brushless digital motor and 2400 W, Vanity Performance – powerful and reliable with Long-Life AC-Performance motor and 2400 W,
  • Vanity Comfort – super light and ultra-silent with Long-Life PM-Pro motor and 2000 W.

All models are fitted with Smart Airflow Technology which offers maximum hairdrying performance with minimal noise.

VALERA’S exclusive accessories, the ROTOCORD swivel device and the cool TOUCH ME nozzle complete the product’s high-quality features.

VALERA VANITY products are professional hairdryers featuring tried and tested Swiss top quality in new and exciting colours. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

The new generation of VALERA hairdryers raises the standard for professional hairdryers.

Using modern fluid dynamics simulation software, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), VALERA has developed Smart Airflow Technology. It optimizes and compresses the path of the internal air-stream eliminating unwanted friction and dispersion. This guarantees maximum performance with minimum noise levels.

The efficient air flow enables the Swiss Silent Jet hairdryers to achieve outstanding performance characteristics, which are unique to the market in their combination.
Swiss Silent Jet is number 1 in performance and noise minimization.

The new line comes to the market with three versions:

  • Swiss Silent Jet 8600 (2400 W) and
  • Swiss Silent Jet 8500 (2000 W), both with extra long-life AC-Performance motor, • Swiss Silent Jet 7500 Light (2000 W) with light PM-Pro motor.

All three of them are equipped with VALERA’s exclusive accessories ROTOCORD (swivel device in the cord preventing tangles) and TOUCH ME (styling nozzle that remains cool).

Swiss Silent Jet – powerful, quiet, elegant. The Jet among hairdryers. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

Drying a baby’s fine hair: with Swiss Bébé in a gentle and safe way. 


It is essential to be safe and gentle when taking care of a baby.

A baby’s hair is usually like soft down; and the scalp is very sensitive. A high noise level and a harsh air flow are unpleasant to a baby and could even give the baby a fright.

This is why Valera is now bringing a new hairdryer onto the market, especially designed for baby care.

Drying a baby’s hair and body with Swiss Bébé is:

The temperature is lukewarm: only 45°C (70°C for standard hairdryers)


A weak air flow: only 10 l/s (17 l/s for standard hairdryers)


Low noise level: only 68 dBA (78 dBA for standard hairdryers)

This compact (12 cm long) and light (310 g) dryer fits comfortably in the hand and offers extra protection thanks to its on/off safety button: the hairdryer only operates if the button on the front of the handle is held in.

Swiss Bébé: the ultra-delicate infant hair & body dryer.

Swiss Made by VALERA, the Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

The new SWISS‘X models set on agility.

VALERA introduces to the market a new design of its made in Switzerland Swiss‘X professional hair straightener range.
The three models Swiss’X Super Brush & Shine (Mod. 100.20/IS), Agility Ionic (Mod. 100.20/I) and Agility (Mod. 100.20) are particularly comfortable: the buttons and the display are located at the top of the handle making them more ergonomic and easier to see. The temperature can easily be set with just one hand, even during use.

VALERA has more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing hairdryers. The Swiss’X hair straighteners were added to the made in Switzerland professional product range in 2010.


Showcasing exclusive Victoria Beckham eyewear collection and ZEISS Vision Care technology

Optifashion - models in Victoria Beckham eyewear 

On Thursday 24 October, Optifashion, the leading retailer of luxury and fashion eyewear in the Gulf region, celebrated the opening of its new boutique in City Centre Mirdif, with an event attended by over 100 editors, stylists, influencers and customers.

Guests were treated to a trunk show of the new Victoria Beckham eyewear collection, a brand that is exclusive to Optifashion in the UAE.  Designed in-house by Victoria Beckham, and manufactured in Italy by Marchon Eyewear, the collection reflects the minimalist, refined and feminine style of the award-winning designer’s ready-to-wear collection.

Guests were also invited to create 3D avatars of their own face through the unique technology developed by Zeiss and launched in Optifashion. Through the digitalisation of the human face Zeiss can guarantee a perfect lens fitting.  In addition, the importance of UV protection was stressed and through a special state-of-the-art UV camera developed also by ZEISS, existing guests’ lenses were tested.

Entertainment was provided by DJ Delia as well as local artist and fashion illustrator Hatty Pedder creating live sketches.

The store puts a luxurious signature on the optical retail industry by incorporating Italian design, organic shapes and cutting-edge display techniques. The concept redefines the optical shopping experience by merging an outstanding fashion environment with the use of unique technology to allow personalised stylist consultation as well as unmatchable medical solutions.

“When we decided to open in City Centre Mirdif we knew the challenge would be to win over the vibrant community of Emirati and long-term Dubai residents, who have are loyal customers of existing brands.  Our solution was to be different and be the best in class!  We are pleased to have received such a positive response to our new store opening in City Centre Mirdif. With such exquisite brands as Victoria Beckham exclusively in our portfolio and cutting-edge Zeiss technology we invite everyone to come and browse our collections with the assistance of our highly trained staff”, said Gian Paolo Biasotto, General Manager, Optifashion


Optifashion, Level 1, City Centre Mirdif

Tel: +971 43376500

Opening hours; 10:00am – 10:00pm

California Pizza Kitchen Festival City Dubai

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California Pizza Kitchen launched their new menu with innovative & twisting recipes.

The restaurant offer great combination of good food & Festival City views along with a team at the venue which makes your dining experience a perfect one!

We tried so much from the new menu …… healthy power salad bowls, Banh Mi Bowl heaped with freshly cut vegetables & baby kale,quinoa & slices of grilled chicken with dressing on side.


Thai Crunch Salad is another delicious combination of crunchy items like peanuts, rice sticks, cilantro & flavorful dressing in Salad.


Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower is a tempting starter for veg lovers. Batter fried cauliflower florests are served with celery, cilantro & special sauce.

Flat bread Sonoma Grilled Chicken……… grilled chicken chunks along with roasted red grapes & few more additions to the dish is a flavorful combination.


One of our main dish was Lime Chicken Fettuccine …….. lip smacking cream & lime sauce with chicken breasts was a great dish too.


The Classic Pizza with Pepperoni Sausage which we had, new addition is the Cauliflower Pizza Crust which as the name says is vegetable based & lower in carbs as compared to a traditional pizza dough and also gluten free. CPK Mushroom is wild mushroom pizza served with the same gluten free cauliflower crust .


In desserts we had Warm Sponge Cake with a scoop of ice-cream. And so delightful to the senses was this must try Nutella Cake.


The menu has mocktails, cold beverages & iced teas.

JETRO actions the increase in export of Japanese authentic rice and its products in the region and introduces Japan’s rice flour for the first time in the UAE

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), a Japanese Government organization supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan addressed its will to increase the export of authentic Japanese rice and its products in the region as well as introduce Japanese rice flour for the first time in the UAE available at KOBEYa located in Wasl Vita Mall, Dubai. While Japanese rice isn’t new to the market, Japanese rice flour is bringing on a new era to the rice market and creating a new addition to the Japanese food culture exclusively for Japanese food lovers, gluten intolerants and health enthusiasts.

With over 200 Japanese restaurants in the UAE, many are not aware of the difference between authentic Japanese rice in comparison to other countries. Well renowned for its superior quality and juicy sweet fragrance, Japanese rice is also known to become fluffy and glistening. The flavor and texture are a great match for Japanese cuisine. It is also delicious even when cold, and is eaten in bento (lunchbox) and as onigiri (rice ball).

“UAE is home to over 200 nationalities and 3500 Japanese expatriates. The Gulf state is Japan’s most important trading partner in the Middle East and North African region with an overall trade valued at AED387 billion in 2018. Japan’s rice has brought abundance and health to the lives of Japanese people. It is the pride of the nation and is exported to the UAE to bring quality you can trust and a difference you can taste.” said H.E. Akima Umezawa – Consulate General of Japan in Dubai.

Only a few select top Japanese Restaurants in the UAE use Japan’s authentic rice such as Tomo, Kohantei, Hoseki and KOBEYa. While priced on a higher scale at AED 125/- for 5kgs and AED 25/- for 1kg, Japan’s rice is an exquisite creation made possible by the country’s exceptional waters and soil, its technological know-how, and the tireless effort of its growers. The discerning tastes of Japanese consumers and the diversity of its uses in cuisine have resulted in about 900 officially recognized varieties of Japanese rice.


Mr. Masami Ando, Managing Director, JETRO – Middle East said, “UAE imports approximately 1 million tonnes of all types of rice every year with the highest imports from India, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam. Followed by United States, Egypt and Australia. In our efforts to increase the export of Japanese rice and its products in the region, JETRO has tied up with KOBEYa, UAE’s first gluten free Japanese and Far Eastern café offering authentic Japanese rice, rice flour and confectionary retail products from Japan such as cookies, tea, snacks and much more. We have also collaborated with Middle East Fuji (Food Trading Company) to ensure effective initiatives will help increase the export of Japanese rice by 20% in 2020. We will also participate at the Gulfood from 16-20th February, 2020 to showcase different varieties of rice from Japan at the Japanese pavilion. Currently, we are also exploring other channels to expand our distribution network.”

When asked what makes authentic Japanese rice and flour stand out from the rest of the world? Ms. Kayo Fujita, Director, JETRO – JAPAN said, “Japanese rice is nutritious, low in fat and typically contains higher levels of protein and amylose, giving it a soft and springy texture that brings out the sweet taste as it is chewed. Its great at enhancing the flavors of all sorts of dishes, thanks to the quality and characteristics of Japanese rice and Japan’s excellent processing technology. It also has a low oil absorption rate lower than that of wheat flour. For example, tempura fried with rice flour has a crispier texture that lasts for a long time and healthier low calories.”

Retailed at AED 49 per kg, rice flour is a particularly good substitute for wheat flour, which causes irritation in the digestive systems of those who are gluten-intolerant. Rice flour is naturally gluten-free, rich in carbohydrates and low in fat and can be used to make rice noodles, rice pasta and bake cakes, cookies, dumplings, breads as well as thicken sauces. With the increase in consumer focus on healthy foods, the consumption worldwide is expected to continue to grow until 2025. The Global Rice Flour market is expected to reach 15500 million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 3.8% between 2019 and 2025.


The Arabic restaurant chain launches Taste of Arabia Festival to bring Arabic flavours to diners in the UAE.

In an effort to bring the authentic flavours of the region to diners in the UAE, Azkadenya has launched its Taste of Arabia Festival in its branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Azkadenya - Hero -1

Over the next few months, the casual dining restaurant chain will be featuring authentic and home-style dishes from one country in the region. Till the end of November, diners can savour the delicious cuisine of Palestine.


Taste of Palestine will feature a special menu with 11 dishes sourced from Palestinian kitchens. Start your day with the Kofta Warak Enab Fukhara, a traditional dish made from vine leaves stuffed with kofta meat, baked with tomatoes, onions and potato slices, and garnished with parsley. Or bring your friends along for an indulgent lunch of Palestinian Maftoul, which is homemade Palestinian couscous and chickpeas, cooked with chicken onions, mixed with Maftoul spices, and served with tomato sauce and chickpeas.


For a sweet end to a great meal, take your pick from the Warbat Ashta, which is thin layers of pastry dough wrapped around clotted cream Ashta, drizzled with sugar syrup, and garnished with crushed pistachios; or Kunafeh Kazabeh, a homemade version of traditional cheese kunafeh.

“Most outlets offer some kind of fusion or hybrid version of dishes from Arabic countries. With this campaign, it is our attempt to bring authentic, homemade food so that diners can enjoy the original taste and flavours from days past. Food is an important way for one to enjoy and experience the culture of a country, and with the Taste of Arabia campaign, we hope to share the culture of different Arabic countries with our customers,” says Chef Hussam Al Imam.

You can visit Azkadenya  to enjoy the Taste of Palestine. Over the next few months, they will bring you the Taste of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan to refresh your palate.

Azkadenya Locations:

Mall of the Emirates, Mercato, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi

Delivery: 800295295

Innstagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/azkadenyauae/


Silk n Spice Restaurant

Le Park Restaurant launched Silk n Spice in Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai.


Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai is home to many restaurants serving different cuisines. This new restaurant is going to be a big attraction for foodies. We were invited at the launch of Silk n Spice, & got to try delicious variety of veg & non veg dishes.

A place to savour a wide array of Eastern & Western food delicacies with variety of Arabic & Continental Salads , Starters & lip smacking Grills.


Grills include  Seekh Kebabs, Lamb Chops, variety of Chicken Tikkas, Whole Grilled Chicken, Beef & Lamb Cuts & Fish.


The main course included Chicken Biryani, Sirloin Beef with mashed potatoes, Butter Chicken, Seafood Dishes, Pan Fried Hammour with Lemon Saffron, Stir Fried Shrimps, Mee Goreng.


The selection of desserts include variety of assorted sweets, cakes, tarts, fresh fruits etc.



Aims to Attract USD 2.5 billion in Global Trade and Investments

  Malaysia led by Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment, and Climate Change (MESTECC) has kicked off construction of its “Rainforest Canopy” Pavilion during a groundbreaking ceremony today, to begin construction within the 4.38km2 World Expo site’s Sustainability District.

 As a symbol of sustainability, Malaysia’s Deputy Commissioner General, Dr. Mohd Nor Azman Hassan, presented on behalf of the Commissioner General, Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd Azhar Hj. Yahaya, a Rajah Brooke Butterfly frame to Mr. Najeeb Mohammed Al-Ali, Director General, Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau. Rajah Brooke, a species of Malaysia’s butterfly unique to Borneo is used in #MyButterflyEffect Campaign, resonating from Malaysia’s participation in Expo Astana 2017 to Expo 2020 Dubai to encourage and empower Malaysia in inspiring a sustainable world for all.

The Rainforest Canopy Pavilion, detailing Malaysia’s theme “Energising Sustainability”, spans 1,234.05 square meters, comprising of four segments – Energising Today, Energising Tomorrow, Energising Harmony and Energising Business. While “Energising Today”, focuses on how agri-commodities have shaped the socio-economic development of the country; “Energising Tomorrow”, showcases Malaysia’s commitment to becoming a high-income nation, while reducing carbon emissions. In addition, “Energising Harmony”, encapsulates how Malaysians of diverse cultures, traditions and races are working together towards the nation’s progress; and “Energising Business”, portrays the role of the private sector, state-owned enterprises and government initiatives in promoting sustainable development across all industries.

Designed by Hijjas Architects + Planners, a Kuala Lumpur-based and award-winning firm, ‘The Rainforest Canopy’ was inspired by Malaysia’s oldest rainforests which include its prehistoric rainforest Taman Negara, in Pahang. Estimated to be over 130 million years old, Taman Negara is Malaysia’s premier national park and one of the world’s oldest rainforests.

“Malaysia aims to attract USD2.5 billion in potential trade and investments, capturing 1,000 business leads with 20 memorandums of understanding or partnership agreements signed in our six-month long participation at Expo 2020 Dubai. Malaysia  Pavilion provides excellent opportunities for world business communities and calls for business partnerships with our 200 organisations/businesses ranging from Sustainable Agriculture and Agricommodity to energy, STI, environment and climate change, culture, tourism and youth, e-commerce and ICT, trade and 4IR, women and community development,” said Dr. Mohd Nor Azman Hassan, Deputy Commissioner-General for Malaysia in Expo 2020 Dubai,  who is also Deputy Secretary General, Science, Technology & Innovation (MESTECC).

Set to be a sustainable architecture, Malaysia’s ‘The Rainforest Canopy’ Pavilion will use energy efficiency features including heli-fans to enhance airflow, self-shading and green landscaping with vertical gardens, solar panels and water harvesting. The Pavilion itself will consume 20% less energy throughout the 6 months of operations. Materials used in building the structure will also be reused, once the pavilion is dismantled.

Construction contractor firm from Malaysia, Qube Integrated Sdn Bhd and local partner, RAQ Contracting LLC will be working together to build the pavilion for the Malaysia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The company was awarded a contract in October 2019 to co-develop the site infrastructure which will focus on sustainable design and is set to welcome visitors on October 20, 2020.

Malaysian Ambassador to the UAE, His Excellency Ambassador Mohd Tarid Bin Sufian added: “Expo 2020 Dubai, themed ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, the first World Expo ever held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, is an excellent opportunity for us to connect and share ideas with more than 190 participating countries and millions of visitors from across the globe.”

On 10 October 2019, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad revealed that construction of “Malaysia’s Net Zero Carbon Pavilion”, an initiative to offset the carbon from the Malaysia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, is an important and conscious step towards ensuring that building the structure will be sustainable in the long term. The offsetting actions will be done in Malaysia through tree planting initiatives which will also ensure that the nation will reforest more land areas, apart from the current programmes being conducted by various national agencies, including the ASEAN Framework for Climate Change agenda.  Malaysia’s current forest cover is at 55.3 percent, or 18.3 million hectares of its total land area, exceeding Malaysia’s initial commitment to the Rio Earth Summit, which was 50%.

Mr. Tuan Syed Ahmad Syed Mustafa, Acting CEO/COO of GreenTech Malaysia concludes: “Malaysia’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai is an important avenue for GreenTech Malaysia to take the lead in expanding our role in innovation and sustainability across all sectors through strategic initiatives at international platforms.”

The upcoming Visit Malaysia 2020 will be held with renewed vigor and passion. Visit Malaysia 2020 year brings out the best of what Malaysia has to offer to the world in a single, event – packed year. The year 2020 is special to all Malaysians as we reflect and celebrate all our successes and challenges in transforming into a thriving multicultural and dynamic country. For a country rich in culture and natural wonders, tourism is certainly a great economic pillar. Each element in the visit Malaysia logo 2020 individually showcases the diversity of experiences a visitor will gain only on Malaysian soil, and they will truly feel Asia, in Malaysia.



Ahead of the debut of the world’s most popular musical which is set to take the UAE by storm between 16 October and 9 November 2019 here are 10 things you need to know ahead of the show’s arrival


The world’s most popular musical, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA made its UAE debut at Dubai Opera on 16 October 2019 and will run until 9 November 2019. Brought to the region for the very first time by Broadway Entertainment Group, in partnership with Dubai Opera, musical theatre enthusiasts and theatre first-timers will experience an incredible visual and auditory spectacular staged at the iconic architectural masterpiece that is Dubai Opera.

Liz Koops, CEO of Broadway Entertainment Group

“We are very much looking forward to the premiere of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. We are both proud and honoured to bring such an important show to Dubai,” added Liz Koops, CEO of Broadway Entertainment Group. “The Phantom of the Opera holds great universal appeal, and the show generates a potential audience of 56,000 buyers of which 70 percent are UAE based, 20 percent are from the GCC, and 10 percent (5,600) are international visitors travelling specifically to see Phantom of the Opera. The response, so far has been phenomenal and we can’t wait to introduce The Phantom to the region.”

  1. The Andrew Lloyd Webber Play is based on the book by Gaston Leroux.
    The musical is partly based on the French novelLe Fantôme de l’Opéra by Gaston Leroux. The gothic novel is inspired by historical events at Paris Opera House during the nineteenth century.
  1. Theatrical icons and present day stars have starred as the protagonists

The debut of the first ever Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End on October 9, 1986, and it starred Michael Crawford as the Phantom and Sarah Brightman as Christine.

The Dubai production will see the lead role of The Phantom performed by Jonathan Roxmouth, one of musical theatre’s most exciting talents, alongside female protagonist Christine Daaé, portrayed by rising star Claire Lyon.

  1. Over 40 million copies of the original cast recording have been sold worldwide!

The original cast recording, with more than 40 million copies sold worldwide is the bestselling cast recording of all time and the production has won over 70 major theatre awards, including seven Tony Awards on Broadway and four Olivier Awards in London’s West End. Some of the thrilling music tracks such as “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Think of Me”, and “Music of the Night”.

For the full music track, please visit: https://www.dubaiopera.com/events/the-phantom-of-the-opera/

  1. There are some impressive Phantom Phacts

The world-renowned musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber is comprised of 130 members of cast, crew, and orchestra. Each performance has 230 costumes designed by the late Maria Björnson, 14 dressers, 120 automated cues, 22 scene changes, 281 candles and uses 250 kg of dry ice and 10 fog and smoke machines.

  1. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is one of the most successful musicals of all time

Since the show’s debut in 1986, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has been seen by 140 million people across 40 countries and 166 cities around the world, with an estimated gross of six billion dollars. The box office revenues are higher than any film or stage play in history, including “Titanic”, “ET”, “Star Wars” and “Avatar”.

  1. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA was first adapted into a silent film

Since the novel was published in late March 1910, it’s been adapted multiple times, most notably the 1925 film depiction, and, of course, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1986 musical.

  1. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is presented by Broadway Entertainment Group and Dubai Opera

Broadway Entertainment Group is the world’s first theatrical distribution company to consolidate an international circuit through its network and bring quality entertainment into the markets of Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, North America, South and Central Asia. Chief Executive Officer, Liz Koops has produced shows internationally for over 20 years, and toured productions in 40 countries but there are few destinations in which the debut of a musical theatre classic has been so enthusiastically received as Dubai.

  1. The chandelier weighs a massive one ton!

    In the musical, the dazzling replica of the Paris Opera House chandelier is made up of 6,000 beads, consisting of 35 beads to each string. It is three metres wide and weighs a massive one ton! During the musical, the controlled fall of the chandelier makes it look like it’s crashing into the stage!

  2. There are a total of 164 wigs used throughout the production of ONE show!

    For each run of The Phantom of the Opera show, there are a total of 164 wigs made fully from human hair. The wigs are rolled and put into the oven (yes, you read that correctly) for 24 hours. The treatment for each wig lasts for only one show! The hairpieces have a heavy renaissance feel, with the use of feathers and huge amounts of hairspray to maintain their colour and shine.


  1. The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show in Broadway history

The Phantom of the Opera is the longest running show on Broadway having celebrated an amazing 30 years in 2018.


The PHANTOM OF THE OPERA tells the tale of a disfigured musical genius known only as the Phantom who haunts the depths of the Paris Opera House. Mesmerised by the talent and beauty of a young soprano, Christine, the Phantom lures her as his protégé and falls fiercely in love with her. Unaware of Christine’s love for Raoul, the Phantom’s obsession sets the scene for a dramatic turn of events where jealousy, madness and passions collide.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA brought to you by Du Live  presented in Dubai by Broadway Entertainment Group and Dubai Opera debuted on 16 October 2019 and continue to run until 9 November 2019. Tickets are available to purchase from www.dubaiopera.com, all Virgin Megastores UAE, Platinum List, and through the Dubai Calendar app.


Toys “R” Us first retailer in the region to introduce Scan & Go across its 13 stores

Toy retailer also set to open new store at Festival Plaza later this year and unveils the must-have toys this holiday season

 As part of its commitment to provide customers a better shopping experience, Toys “R” Us today announced that it has fully implemented its Scan & Go feature across all 13 stores in the UAE.


The initiative from the Al-Futtaim company makes it the first toy retailer in the region to implement the Scan & Go feature which is designed to offer customers a simpler, faster and more convenient shopping experience. With the Scan & Go feature customers can simply visit their preferred Toys “R” Us store, scan barcodes of the products they want to purchase and then pay for them through their mobile device using their credit card or any form of digital payment options instead of standing in line at the checkout.

Régis Schultz, President of Retail at Al-Futtaim

Régis Schultz, President of Retail at Al-Futtaim, commented “Toys “R” Us has been operating in the UAE for over 25 years. In that time, we have gathered a huge amount of insight into customer shopping trends. What customers are buying and children’s playing habits are having a major impact on how toy retailers operate today. What they want to shop, where they want to shop and how they want to shop are all key elements that affect the business decisions we make. As such, we have put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and relooked at our business. The launch of the Scan & Go feature is the first milestone of many in enhancing our customers’ experience and catering to the evolving tastes of toy consumers.”

 The introduction of the Scan & Go feature also coincided with the launch of a refreshed new website www.toysrusmena.com for the toy retailer with thousands of new and exciting products from educational to adventurous and more.

As part of its plans to be even closer to its customers, Toys “R” Us will, later this year, open its 14th store in the UAE located at Festival Plaza – a 78,500 square metre site, which forms part of the Jebel Ali Development mixed-use master-planned community.

The toy retailer also revealed its Holiday Hot Toys list just in time for the upcoming festive season. The list of the hottest toys offers outstanding value in quality, price and entertainment and includes some of the most exciting and innovative toys of the year that make up the ultimate festive surprise for any kid.

Jonathan Watts, General Manager of Toys R Us_1

Jonathan Watts, General Manager of Toys “R” Us, said, “This year we’re giving parents an exclusive review on what will help make their kids’ dreams come true. The list of hottest toys includes some of the most exciting and innovative toys of the year which will be sure to top any kid’s wish list. The hot toys list cater to a growing trend from parents looking to purchase and invest in educational toys that aid cognitive development in their children and includes the latest must-haves including Frozen II, LOL Surprise OMG dolls, The new Barbie Travel Dream plane, Myla Magical Unicorn, Hairdorables and Owleez along with many more.”

Following are the Hot Toys representing the best new toys for the holiday season. The list represents toys for children of all age groups.




Items on the Hot Toy List are available across all Toys “R” Us stores in the UAE. For more information, please visit toysrusmena.com or facebook.com/ToysRUsME