The Arab Fashion Week Kicks Off Exclusively on Facebook platforms Lebanese Superstar Maya Diab & Arab Fashion Council Launch The Arab Fashion Week’s Campaign

The 12th season of the Arab Fashion Week supported by Microsoft is set to kick off on the 21st of October 202 at 8 pm GST (Dubai Time) being broadcasted exclusively on Facebook platforms.

The AFW schedule will kick off with a special appearance by the Lebanese superstar, Maya Diab, who is named, by the Arab Fashion Council, the Fashion Icon of the Arab World. 

In this appearance Maya will address a special message of resilience and hope  to the fashion industry before announcing the AFW officially open. 

While few hours away from the big event, Maya Diab & the Arab Fashion Council surprised everyone with a teaser of what is coming up tomorrow, that showcased the Lebanese Super Star owning the runway. 

The AFW 12th edition is set to launch on the 21st of October with Maya Diab’s opening speech at 8.00 pm Dubai Time before appearing again on the same night in an exclusive interview at 8.35 pm hosted by Sally Hajjar on “The Hue Of Fashion” Platform.

“COVID-19 is pushing fashion labels to reimagine everything. Many brands and retailers have had to rethink how they have traditionally promoted themselves. At Facebook, we think that this behavioral shift is an invitation for brands to relook at digital’s role in the omnichannel, and more importantly, reimagine the product experience. Our platforms host a huge range of short-form, long-form, and interactive content formats – be it Facebook Like or Instagram Shops that can be used to chic effect for storytelling. AFW is the 5th largest fashion week globally; we are happy to partner with them and empower the region’s creative community of designers and stylists to bring, for the first time, an exclusive original fashion content on the platform from the region.” attributed to Joana Jamil, Strategic Partner Manager, MENA, Public Figures & Social Influencers at Facebook.
Day One, 21st October 2020, Calendar is featuring:Maya Diab Declaration at 8.00 pm (GST, Dubai Time);Dubai based designer, Amato Couture at 8.05 pm (GST, Dubai Time);Los Angeles based designer, RC Caylan at 8.20 pm (GST, Dubai Time);The Hue of Fashion Interview by Sally Hajjar x Maya Diab at 8.35 pm (GST, Dubai Time);Dubai based designer, Euphoria at 8.50 pm (GST, Dubai Time);Dubai based graduates, FAD Talents at 9.00 pm (GST, Dubai Time);Istanbul based designers, Ezra Tuba at 9.13 pm (GST, Dubai Time);Dubai based designer, Baravia at 9.20 pm (GST, Dubai Time);PARISIANS in DUBAI Showroom:Parisians in Dubai by the Arab Fashion council in partnership with the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) the French institution that coordinates Paris Fashion Week, showcasing:BoyarovskayaBlue MarbleDaweiMossiNeith NyerVictoria / TomasAddress: 1422 Store, Citywalk, Dubai1.00 pm GST – 10.00 pm GST

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