Cairo 30 Restaurant The Pointe Palm

The Pointe at Palm, much popular & favorite spot for foodies, families and tourists with attractions like a fantastic waterfront area overlooking Atlantis,  line of eateries & restaurant chains amongst which many are still to open.


Our recent visit was at the launch of Egyptian Restaurant Cairo 30. Our time well spent indulging in Middle Eastern Cuisine at my favorite spot with Atlantis view & pleasant weather at the terrace. I would recommend this place to  have relaxed dining hours with shisha in company of friends & family.


We started our first course with warm bowl of clear soup  & mezzehs. While sipping on soup, enjoyed live Arabic melodies. Music & aroma of grills makes a perfect dining atmosphere.


Smoking hot grills were served on our table. The grilled platter was an assortment of Chicken Shish Tawouk, Lamb Chops & Lamb Kebabs.


We also had Bulgur Rice, Stuffed Grape Leaves & other Egyptian delicacies.


To end up our meals we had delicious plate of assorted Arabic sweets & Kunaffeh.


We spend late hours while having Turkish coffee & shisha.


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