Ligo Electric is looking forward to a prosperous cooperation with the highly committed partner TNS and great success for the Swiss brand VALERA in the UAE.

The Swiss brand VALERA is starting through in full force to conquer the UAE consumer market with its high quality professional hairdryers and styling appliances. For this aim, Ligo Electric SA, the Swiss manufacturer of the brand, has started a cooperation with the established distributor company TNS in 2019.


VALERA is already enjoying a strong reputation as a Swiss Quality brand in many important markets worldwide. Since 1955 VALERA has been producing haircare equipment and has gained its particular expertise in professional hairstyling appliances from its close cooperation with the professional hairdressing industry. All hairdryers and straighteners are MADE IN SWITZERLAND: designed, developed and manufactured in the company’s own factory in Ticino. Since 1995 the company’s processes are ISO 9001 certified. The concept of «total quality» is constantly and uncompromisingly applied to all business sectors. Furthermore, own manufacturing guarantees important advantages in lead time and market flexibility. VALERA keeps what the Swiss cross promises in terms of values like quality, precision, respect for health and environment, exclusivity.
After having established the cooperation in 2019, VALERA and TNS will take off in 2020 with important product launches and promotions. The vision is clearly defined as becoming one of the leaders in the consumer hair care appliances category, offering high demanding private consumers the experience of real salon quality at home. VALERA, known worldwide as the Swiss Hair Specialists, has all the credentials to make this dream come true. The brand is already leading the hairdryer category in the Hospitality sector in the UAE.

VALERA professional hairdryers distinguish themselves from the competitors with exclusive and patented technical features such as ROTOCORD, the swivel device preventing tangles in the 3 meters long professional cord, and the cool TOUCH ME nozzle.

Beside its strength in professional hairdryers, VALERA convinces with special product solutions such as Swiss Bébé, a gentle and safe infant hair & body dryer, unique on the UAE market.


VALERA is „Best Brand of the Year 2019“  within the hairdryer product category

The title is one of the highest awarded by the PLUS X AWARD jury. It is only awarded once a year to the brand that has received the most awards in its product category.

VALERA thus joins the illustrious league of globally known brands in the consumer goods industry, which have already won this title in other product categories. The award recognizes the innovative strength and excellent quality of the hairdryers produced in Switzerland.

The hairdryer ePower2020 is „Best Product of the Year 2019“

VALERA›s new hairdryer, which combines professional styling performance with environmental sustainability, has already won the PLUS X AWARD in three categories: High Quality, Design and Ease of Use. On top of that, ePower2020 now gained the title «Best Product of the Year 2019».

This special award is given only once in each product category, to the best of the best products, namely the one that has been awarded in the most categories.

We are proud that our modern vision of sustainable performance has impressed the experts at the world›s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. ePower2020 is the perfect hairdryer for demanding hairstylists and private users who wish to use an environmentally friendly appliance while saving on energy costs without sacrificing drying performance or styling results.

Compared to a standard 2000 Watt hairdryer, it consumes 25 percent less energy. The digital brushless motor does not emit carbon dust and guarantees an extremely long service life (up to 10,000 hours). On the performance side, ePower2020 scores in this comparison with 29 percent more airflow and a 26 percent higher drying rate.

Highest quality and environmental sustainability are the success factors that distinguish Valera, the Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

High Performance. Low Impact.

Who says that outstanding performance indicators are associated with high energy consumption, rapid component wear and a short product lifespan?

VALERA proves with its latest hairdryer, ePower 2020, that it’s possible to combine excellent drying results with a low environmental impact and a long service life.

Behind the slogan “Dry smart, save energy” and the “e” in the name, there are tangible values:

  • “e” for energy – powerful air production (m³/h) +29%*
  • “e” for excellence – excellent hair drying power (g/min) +26%*
  • “e” for efficiency – high energy efficiency [ (g/min)/Wh ] +32%*
  • “e” for eco-friendly – low energy consumption [Wh/(g/min) ] -25%*

The “EVOLUTION Brushless Digital BLDC” motor is the latest generation of digital technology and the core of VALERA’s professional hairdryer for a sustainable future. It is small and lightweight, but extremely powerful and longlasting (up to 10,000 hours). Unlike traditional motors, it does not pollute the environment with carbon emissions. The ePower 2020 is ultra-silent and super light, and is fitted with all exclusive VALERA accessories: the ROTOCORD swivel device with a 3-metre cable, two ultra-slim professional concentrator nozzles, including the cool TOUCH ME nozzle and a diffuser. There’s a choice of two elegant colours: Pure White and Crystal Black.

ePower 2020 is professional hairstyling with responsibility towards the environment. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

*Compared with standard 2000 W hairdryers.

Pure Luxury 24 Karat gold-plated

With its Swiss elegance, VALERA excels in combining traditional values and classic design with today’s technical standards. A beautiful example of this is its series of SWISS METAL MASTER metal hairdryers – salon tools for hairdressers and attractive appliances for individuals who like to surround themselves with gorgeous vintage style.

A very special eye catcher in the salon as well as in private homes is certainly the GOLD model within this popular series. The premium steel body of the Swiss Metal Master Light GOLD is 24 Karat gold-plated to impart an extra touch of luxury.
The popular features of this appealing hairdryer include:

  • Powerful air flow with negative ions, which protect the hair from drying out
  • Narrow blow dryer nozzle for precision styling
  • Diffuser attachment to gently dry curls
  • 3-metre long professional SuperFlex cable

As with all VALERA metal hairdryers, it comes with a cloth bag for stylish and protective storage. Even though the Swiss Metal Master Light GOLD is far too beautiful to hide!

Swiss Metal Master Light GOLD – classical design, cutting edge technology. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

The brightly coloured fashion statement

For everyone who likes creative, bright colours that are inspired by fashion and trends, there is now VALERA VANITY, a line of professional hairdryers in the latest colours: Pretty Purple, Royal Blue and Hot Pink. These attractive devices are fitted with cutting-edge technology, to meet the needs of hairstylists and demanding private consumers.

For each of the three colours, there are three technical models to choose from:

  • Vanity Hi-Power – extremely powerful and durable with brushless digital motor and 2400 W, Vanity Performance – powerful and reliable with Long-Life AC-Performance motor and 2400 W,
  • Vanity Comfort – super light and ultra-silent with Long-Life PM-Pro motor and 2000 W.

All models are fitted with Smart Airflow Technology which offers maximum hairdrying performance with minimal noise.

VALERA’S exclusive accessories, the ROTOCORD swivel device and the cool TOUCH ME nozzle complete the product’s high-quality features.

VALERA VANITY products are professional hairdryers featuring tried and tested Swiss top quality in new and exciting colours. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

The new generation of VALERA hairdryers raises the standard for professional hairdryers.

Using modern fluid dynamics simulation software, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), VALERA has developed Smart Airflow Technology. It optimizes and compresses the path of the internal air-stream eliminating unwanted friction and dispersion. This guarantees maximum performance with minimum noise levels.

The efficient air flow enables the Swiss Silent Jet hairdryers to achieve outstanding performance characteristics, which are unique to the market in their combination.
Swiss Silent Jet is number 1 in performance and noise minimization.

The new line comes to the market with three versions:

  • Swiss Silent Jet 8600 (2400 W) and
  • Swiss Silent Jet 8500 (2000 W), both with extra long-life AC-Performance motor, • Swiss Silent Jet 7500 Light (2000 W) with light PM-Pro motor.

All three of them are equipped with VALERA’s exclusive accessories ROTOCORD (swivel device in the cord preventing tangles) and TOUCH ME (styling nozzle that remains cool).

Swiss Silent Jet – powerful, quiet, elegant. The Jet among hairdryers. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

Drying a baby’s fine hair: with Swiss Bébé in a gentle and safe way. 


It is essential to be safe and gentle when taking care of a baby.

A baby’s hair is usually like soft down; and the scalp is very sensitive. A high noise level and a harsh air flow are unpleasant to a baby and could even give the baby a fright.

This is why Valera is now bringing a new hairdryer onto the market, especially designed for baby care.

Drying a baby’s hair and body with Swiss Bébé is:

The temperature is lukewarm: only 45°C (70°C for standard hairdryers)


A weak air flow: only 10 l/s (17 l/s for standard hairdryers)


Low noise level: only 68 dBA (78 dBA for standard hairdryers)

This compact (12 cm long) and light (310 g) dryer fits comfortably in the hand and offers extra protection thanks to its on/off safety button: the hairdryer only operates if the button on the front of the handle is held in.

Swiss Bébé: the ultra-delicate infant hair & body dryer.

Swiss Made by VALERA, the Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

The new SWISS‘X models set on agility.

VALERA introduces to the market a new design of its made in Switzerland Swiss‘X professional hair straightener range.
The three models Swiss’X Super Brush & Shine (Mod. 100.20/IS), Agility Ionic (Mod. 100.20/I) and Agility (Mod. 100.20) are particularly comfortable: the buttons and the display are located at the top of the handle making them more ergonomic and easier to see. The temperature can easily be set with just one hand, even during use.

VALERA has more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing hairdryers. The Swiss’X hair straighteners were added to the made in Switzerland professional product range in 2010.

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