Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café – The Pointe

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The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah, a place where ambiance and food are paired perfectly well. Like many other spots in UAE, this much talked about place has great Plam & Atlantis views which you can enjoy while dining at lined up cafes & restaurants situated in the vicinity.


We had a fabulous morning get together, a bunch of jolly bloggers were invited by Guylian Café in collaboration with one of our fellow bloggers Sidrah. The breakfast morning was a whole lot of fun & food. The spread was lavishly done. With weather still so friendly & inviting for alfresco dining, it was obvious to sit outside overlooking the majestic Atlantis Hotel.


We started with coffee, fresh juices & Mocktails. The variety on our table was Orange Juice, Passion Cooler Mocktail, Rose Lemon Spritzer Mocktail, Lavender Lemonade Mocktail & few more.

Not only the table was colorful with the spread of those drinks but all drinks were done extremely well with their unique combinations. Mine was Lavender Lemonade, so refreshing coconut water infused with Lavender, Lemon Juice & Soda. Do give it a try!


Our breakfast items included a fine selection from their menu, so tempting freshly baked Croissants & Fresh Homemade Belgian Pastries with Chocolate sauce.


And for you to want to enjoy, nothing more than a platter of fresh Waffle Bread topped with icecream & special Guylian Chocolate Dip & sliced fruits.


Servings are generous & good enough for two & somewhere upto three persons, be it a platter of Smashed Avocado, Tomato Bocconcini, Eggs Benedict or my all time favorite Buratta which they serve it with assorted colorful Tomatoes.




Each dessert item is done with sophistication, the fineness, delicacy & presentation are taken care of. We relished the fruity, nutty & chocolaty flavors of each of these …..
Guylian Chocolate & Hazelnut Pyramid …….. toothsome bites of nuts & chocolate.


100% Pure Pleasure is all so chocolate made dessert, soft & melt in the mouth.


Then we also had Passion Temptation, dome shaped finely arranged passion fruit flavored white attraction on the plate!


Weather in UAE is still inviting for alfresco dining , great views & food here at Guylian Café. Enjoy the sunshine with pleasant breeze before you reach the hot summer time.

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