Cook Children’s Health Care System host the 2nd annual Mommy Blogger Event in Dubai


U.S. News and World Report named Cook Children’s to its 2018-19 “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals” list for excellence in five specialties including Cancer, Cardiology/Heart Surgery, Diabetes/Endocrinology, Neurology/Neurosurgery and Orthopedics.



Cynthia Gonzalez says “We are very excited to have hosed our 2nd annual Mommy Blogger event in Dubai.  Our first event in 2018, we featured Cook Children’s Medical Center’s 100 year anniversary.  We also featured 2 of our specialists, Dr. Meaghan Granger, Pediatric Onocologist, and Dr. Pamela Sherman, Pediatric Orthopedic and Hand Surgeon.

This year’s event has featured Dr. Warren Marks, world renowned in his work on movement disorders and spinal muscle atrophy.  We are also featuring Dr. Paul Thornton, equally famous on his work on pediatric hyperinsulinism.  Dr. Thornton’s program is 1 of only 2 in the entire United States.  Both of these specialists have cared for patients from the Arab Region.  Joining us again this year is Dr. Pamela Sherman, now International Medical Director.

Our expectations from today’s mommy blogger event is simple.  We at Cook Children’s have made a PROMISE to the children and families in the Arab region to provide the most comprehensive care possible.  When there is a complex disease, the mothers of Dubai and the rest of the region should know that Cook Children’s is here for them.  The mommy bloggers have a voice and a social platform to inform many mothers that Cook Children’s cares.  Cook Children’s understands the struggles that mothers endure, and we are happy to be here for them.  Cook Children’s International service is built upon a concierge type approach.  We don’t want to have mothers worry about all the things that come with travel…but instead we want them to feel confident that our international team will help and they can concentrate on what’s most important….their child.  They can feel confident that their child will have the best care as they are meeting the most important specialists in their field of Neurology, Endrochinology and Orthopedics…along with the cancers.”

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For more information about Cook Children’s Health Care System visit:

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