Zenofer Fathima’s first feature film premieres

Inertia to be aired by Dubai-based free-to-air channel Imagine Movies.


Actor-producer Zenofer Fathima, who rose to the front ranks of the local independent film scene by releasing a series of short movies praised for their sense of realism and social impact, debuted  her very first feature film at the Novo Cinemas in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai. Set to be showcased late this year on television by free-to-air channel Imagine Movies,  Inertia  is starred in by Zenofer on the lead role with Bollywood actor Mukul Dev and Casey Shannon, the double for Tom Cruise in  Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol , as co-stars.

Zenofer Fathima and Casey Shannon (1)

Inertia , directed by Sachin Ramdas, chronicles one fateful day in the life of a successful  businesswoman. While on a business trip, she  is whisked through a series of unexpected events, ending up in a terrifying predicament and exposed to an unravelling mystery after meeting a cryptic stranger. Full of heart-stopping twists,  Inertia  demonstrates a compelling reality that overconfidence can at times lead to some not so pleasant results and take your life off the rails.

 Inertia  is an extension of my passion to create visual narratives that emotionally connect. Its effectiveness comes from a reality that mirrors societal complications and creates dialogues amongst a broad audience,” Zenofer explained.

“As a committed filmmaker, it is very important for me to create content that strike a chord with my audience because a material that they can relate to can help build their loyalty and trust to my projects. I believe that  Inertia  has what it takes to create resonance with my viewers and this is why I chose it to be my inaugural full-length movie. I cannot be more grateful that Imagine Movies is lending its support by airing the film, hopefully by next month, so that more fans will be able to see it,” Zenofer added.

Imagine Movies is a Dubai-based FTA channel known for showcasing a wide range of movies across all genres, from timeless classics to the latest blockbusters. It also runs Hindi Movies with Arabic subtitles and also some Local contests that are hosted and held by local celebs.

Following the premiere,  Inertia ’s five-minute opening sequence has been released for viewing on Zenofer’s official YouTube channel  House of Zen . Imagine Movies will broadcast the entire full-length feature film, which runs for 70 minutes.

Looking forward, the CEO and Founder of Zen Productions revealed that she plans to do more film projects, including a new full-length Bollywood movie.

Zenofer - Inertia


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