UAE Sets Guinness World Record In Support of World Psoriasis Day

Global pharmaceutical firm LEO Pharma, in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority (DHA), successfully set a Guinness World Record® for the world’s “largest awareness ribbon” today.

Held at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, in the esteemed presence of Dr. Anwar Al Hammadi, Head of Dermatology Department, Dubai Health Authority, the attempt was made to raise awareness and provide knowledge about psoriasis.

To achieve this record, a large fabric was custom made to match the colours of the awareness ribbon – orange and orchid, and in terms of dimensions, the requirement was for the ribbon to be over 1,000 m2. LEO Pharma achieved the Guinness World Record® by building an awareness ribbon that measured 1,463.85 m2, for the world’s “largest awareness ribbon”.

Psoriasis is a serious, lifelong condition that primarily affects the skin, but also impacts emotional, psychological and physical health.2,3 The disease can be disabling and stigmatizing, and it carries with it a number of associated diseases (known as comorbidities).2 People with psoriasis are over 50% more likely to be clinically obese than the general population,4 putting them at increased risk of serious health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers.5 Hence, the need for greater awareness and optimal treatment is vital and needs to be reinforced.

Dr. Anwar Al Hammadi, Head of Dermatology at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), said, “The prevalence of psoriasis and it’s widespread nature is an urgent call for increased research, improved advancements and extensive public awareness. Initiatives such as these aid in better acceptance and understanding of the condition.”

Hisham Omar, Senior Director GCC at LEO Pharma said “Psoriasis may look like ‘just a skin disease’, but it is so much more; just as those living with psoriasis, are so much more than the condition itself. It is LEO Pharma’s mission to help people achieve healthy skin; but tackling the condition of someone’s skin is just the first step”.

Leo Pharma

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