Organic & launches new weekly Culinary challenge with a grand all paid 3-day getaway to Prague for grabs!

The organic, vegan and natural products e-store has unveiled its all-new online competition with weekly winner announcements and fabulous prizes to be given away to those who send in their recipes around chosen healthy ingredients and a meal course.

Organic &, an online retail store for all things organic, natural and vegan, unveils the #FarmtoFam competition open to all UAE residents weekly. Starting from the 7th of October weekly until the 7th of November, the competition involves weekly recipe challenges for culinary geniuses to send in their signature recipes that are healthy & wholesome, based on a theme and given ingredients. A winner is announced weekly, and the challenge cumulatively goes on to the Grand Finale, with a grand prize of a three-day all-expenses paid trip to Prague.

With the multitude of entries received in the first week alone, the competition is looking at over 200 entries from all over the UAE through the course of the competition. The campaign is curated and judged by leading chefs of Dubai.

Created as a social media competition inviting the participants to email their recipes as per stipulations provided as well as tag their top chef friends and spread the word of the competition. Each segment of the competition is a challenge to create the best 4-course meal across 4 weeks. Week 1 is the round for soups, week 2 for appetizers, week 3 for main course and week 4 for desserts.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the company has more than 8000 products across multiple categories and they work directly with local farmers as well as local and international certified organic brands to house a vast variety of the most fresh and healthiest range of food products. With the view of fitness and good health through nutrition and wholesome eating at its core, the competition is aimed predominantly to bring to light new ways of using farm-fresh ingredients to make exotic as well as local foods. For each round a new chef comes to the forefront to select a winner – and currently, it is Pawan Jain, of YugoSushi, who is curating the campaign.

Speaking about the competition, Manu Mahdi, Founder, Organic & Real, said, “The best part about running this digital contest like this is that we get to interact with like-minded cross section of the community who are already in the segment of, or moving towards healthier & wholesome eating patterns and habits. And it’s amazing to see really interesting and innovative ways of using fresh ingredients in recipes pioneered by amateur chefs in the region. The UAE is a melting pot of cultures, and with each week we tap into the food from a multiplicity of cultures and cuisines that defines the region we live in today and that I think will be the best outcome of the campaign! Going organic is important for our bodies as well as the environment, and we are looking at a fitter, happier UAE in line with the vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed as well as H.H. Sheikh Hamdan. With so little knowledge being circulated around about the importance of good, heart-healthy food, our competition is a step towards educating about all the ways organic produce and ingredients can be used and rewarding those who get in on the action! After all, who says healthy can’t be tasty?!?”

The competition is open across the social media channels of Organic & Real:

Participation includes submitting recipes to Organic&Real marketing dept via direct emailing and following social media sharing criteria on each channel.

The weekly competition is on from 7th October to 7th November and is open to all UAE residents.


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