Middle East Food Forum and ICCA to co-power the GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference once again


  • The Middle East Food Forum brings together the most influential restauranteurs, food marketers, owners and bloggers for the second time at the Restaurant Development Conference alongside strategic partner ICCA
  • The Restaurant Development Conference is a 3-day event, from 30 October to 1 November 2018, that covers the top concerns and innovations in the HORECA and F&B sectors in the region as well as worldwide
  • The Restaurant Development Conference, part of the GulfHost 2018, will be held at Dubai World Trade Center and expects a footfall of over 800 delegates at the event

Middle East Food Forum, the UAE’s meeting place for all food service business owners and operators, is set to co-host the Restaurant Development Conference for the second time as strategic partner alongside the International Center for Culinary Arts (ICCA) at the GulfHost 2018. The three-day conference invites delegates to the Dubai World Trade Center to witness innovations and opportunities in the current market, but also provides a wealth of industry knowledge and know-how to attendees straight from the experts.

The GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference powered by the International Center for Culinary Arts in Dubai (ICCA) and the Middle East Food Forum (MEFF) is an open-door, transformative learning platform hosted by the brightest lights in regional F&B.  More than 60 high profile speakers take to the floor to share their proven methods for navigating the latest shifts in local and regional Foodservice. The topics for the 21 sessions and discussions across these three days include those on business modeling and frameworks, financing, franchising, licensing as well as brand development and marketing, trend analysis in the past year as well as future analytics and digital and online marketing.

Mr. Vishal Pandey, Founder, Data On-A-Plate and Middle East Food Forum said, “Our interests are tailored towards an upward trajectory in the growth of the HORECA and F&B segment, especially for fledgling businesses and owners. MEFF’s network of high net-worth influencers and industry giants comes together each year to bring its vast pool of local as well as global knowledge to create an atmosphere of learning and development. We are as excited about what new and improved solutions will be highlighted at this year’s Restaurant Development Conference as we were the first time.”  

For more information, please visit – http://www.middleeastfoodforum.com/ or http://dataonaplate.com/

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