IZU Brasserie & Bakery, Le BHV Marais City Walk

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IZU Brasserie & Bakery now has delicious new additions to its menus, delighting visitors with some tasty new brunch options.

Diners can tuck into dishes from both IZU Brasserie & Bakery, with guests being invited to enjoy freshly baked eggs alongside a plate of seafood spaghetti or Pizza, meaning you no longer have to decide on brunch or lunch.

But I was there for dinner, as the weather is already getting pleasant in UAE , this striking spot in City Walk & amongst those few & favorites in UAE to unwind for hours not only for best meal options but specially when the weather calls … alfresco dining days have already started in UAE and we had a very enjoyable evening with great food & special attention by the staff specially Chitra.

The inside seating is also classy but we sat outside & enjoyed the CityWalk & Burj Views.



They have a detailed menu of beverages, we selected from the mocktails, our welcome drinks were:
Tropical Blush …… amazingly done ! each sip had crushed bits of black berries added with orange & pineapple juice.

Innocent Mojito …… a blend of strawberry, passion fruit & mango.


Starters / Salad:

Burrata with Peppers & Pesto Sauce ….. I am always in a search of Burrata when it comes to decide from the starters or salad menu. I had my plate of Burrata, enjoyed it!

Artichoke Salad with Grape Fruit, Orange, Kalamata Olives, & Rocket Leaves ……. I am not a fan of artichoke, but really enjoyed eating artichokes here combined with tangy refreshing grape fruit & orange.


Main Course:

Grilled Tenderloin Steak with Green Beans , Capsicums & Tarragon Mustard Butter …… I took a bite from my husband’s platter , beef was well done upon request. The beef & veggies were so flavorful.

Grilled Seabass with Parsley Risotto …….. this combination of fish with Rissoto in the menu, good weather & this delicious platter , Seabass & Rissoto both done perfect!



They have have a mouth watering display of assorted pastries, cakes, cheese cakes etc. We opted for Carrot Cake & Honey Cake.

Enjoyed these sweet tempting bites with Chamomile Tea, which is beneficial in more than one way. I usually end up my meals with this healthy option in hot beverages. Perfect to pair it with desserts!


Created by the forward-thinking Chef Izu Ani, IZU Brasserie located in Le BHV Marais, City Walk is a humble, informal dining spot with the soul of a traditional brasserie, serving simple dishes inspired by Mediterranean culture. IZU Brasserie embodies the same characteristics as its namesake, Chef Izu, a place where guests are friends, gathering together in an intimate and welcoming environment, experiencing and sharing good food together.
The simple Italian menu has been designed using the highest quality ingredients to create consistently good food. The smell of freshly baked croissants and bread fills the air at IZU Bakery, a lively and friendly neighborhood Boulangerie, that’s flooded with natural light. The Bakery’s mouth-watering all-day breakfast menu offers a taste of home and includes warm savory breakfast crepes with a variety of fillings, the signature IZU burger and eggs served in every way imaginable. Sourcing the freshest ingredients from the region, IZU Bakery strives to serve the best quality food.

IZU Brasserie & Bakery – City Walk
Opening hours: Bakery 7am-6pm/ Brasserie 11am- 11pm (midnight on weekends)
Website: http://www.lebhvmarais.ae/en/izu-bakery/
Phone number: +971 (0) 4 403 3030
Email: izu.brasserie@bakeyards.com

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