Pullman Dubai Creek City Center and Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane to Launch Artist Playground by Pullman in Dubai

Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre and Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane to launch “Artist Playground by Pullman” on November 2 nd, 2018.­

Following the successful debut of the ”Artist Playground by Pullman” at IFDC’s revolutionary Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane event in City Walk, Dubai earlier this year, art lovers have been eagerly awaiting the unique permanent art space to follow up the legacy of the successful event.

Nov 2

In an exclusive VIP event on Friday, November 2nd , 2018, VIP guests, key media, art lovers, and the hotel’s exclusive clientele will be invited to experience the unique art hub concept and celebrate the works of star artists at the launch event for “Artists Playground by Pullman” at Pullman Dubai Creek City Center. The selected artists’ works will remain on sale at this exhibit for up to 3 months after the launch.

“It is an absolute pleasure to launch Artist Playground by Pullman in Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre in partnership with IFDC and support local talent in a dedicated art area where art connoisseurs and artists can admire regional art and culture through accessible digital art, contemporary paintings and modern sculptures”.

Nishan Silva, Cluster General Manager for MAF-Accor Hotels

Situated in “The t-Lounge by Dilmah” where art lovers can enjoy a delectable tea gastronomy and tea mixology menu as they appreciate the exhibitions, art series, talks, and a yearly calendar of creative attractions, “Artist Playground by Pullman”, is a revolutionary foray in the field of creativity. Local artists and design talent can exhibit their work to hotel guests, business clientele, media, art enthusiasts and the local supportive networks. The dedicated art space shows a serious commitment towards promoting art and creating significant awareness and opportunities for the works of talented artists selected for these exhibits.

Nov 2-2

Each “Artist Playground by Pullman” project is destined to create excitement and curiosity among the patrons and consumers. Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre in partnership with IFDC, will launch its dedicated art area with an out of the box thinking and genuine creativity surely to be appreciated by all with digital art, contemporary paintings, and unique sculptures.

The finalists selected for the grand launch of “Artist Playground by Pullman” in Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre are none other than Musab Al Rais, son of the master Emirati artist Abdul Qader Al Rais, the stunning illusions of Muhammad Ibrahim, unique aspect sculptures by Shabir Mir, mystical calligraphies of Ahmad Khan and also Zulqarnain, meditative art by Arif Khan, the works of Bahraini artist Abbas Al Mosawi, miniatures by Noreen Akhtar, Guljee’s very own apprentice Humaira Hussain, lead artist of San Francisco’s top galleries Meena Kamal, and exquisite art like wood furniture selected by Falaknaz Warehouse ownerTherese Foot and whose senior artist Ramsha Fatima will paint live on a signature mirror and wood creation at the November 2nd launch. The Warehouse will also showcase renowned florist Viviane Torbey who will demonstrate her mark of excellence in flower arrangements by giving us a live tutorial on the launch ceremony as well. Dubai based art organizations Poetic Strokes and Dubai Jiggy have also contributed to this historical art hub launch by sourcing key artists that are in demand throughout the region.

The inspiring agenda for this opening night also includes art talks moderated by media personalities, delightful dishes and superb tea mixology, which is an art in itself served in The t-lounge by Dilmah, where the “Artist Playground by Pullman” will be permanently located at Pullman Dubai Creek City Center lobby.

Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre and IFDC’s Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane will launch the“Artist Playground by Pullman” on November 2 nd, 2018.­ Press inquiries: Office@IFDCouncil.org


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