A Unique Dining Experience at 2XL Showroom in Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi

2XL Furniture & Home Décor organised a spectacular culinary experience for a select group of guests at the 2XL showroom at Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi last evening. On the menu was a unique dining experience with plenty of fun including an exciting treasure hunt in the magnificent setting of 2XL.

Amit Yadav, Marketing Manager at 2XL, said, “We were delighted to host this wonderful event in the beautiful surroundings of our store in Dalma Mall. It gave people the opportunity to browse our latest collections while gathering some useful tips on dining decorum. Shoppers this season will find a wide repertoire of products at 2XL, from timeless pieces that blend classic and modern styles, to bold and unconventional creations. Inspired by French savoir-faire, each item is a piece of art.”

Visit any of the brand’s nine showrooms across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah and Al Ain to discover what makes 2XL’s offering so exceptional this season.




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