Sushi Sushi Restaurant Century Village Dubai

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My recent dining experience was at Century Village , a place in Dubai with captivating surroundings.


It is home to many restaurants serving global cuisines. Century Village is beautified & enriched with a lot of natural environment, where in a desert you will find such plantation, chirping of birds, mini ponds, challets, natural vibes all around & so much serenity makes it an ideal place for those who admire calm & eye catching dining venues.


We were there at lunch time at the Japanese restaurant Sushi Sushi where sushi makers weave their magic to bring some fantastic sushi and other meals from the menu. According to them , these bonafide Sushi servers are proudly serving from 18 years.


The restaurant has less seating capacity inside but they have enough seating outside which is obviously going to be in demand in the upcoming weather.



Start with the soup & here I would recommend the Mixed Seafood Soup with Miso. Very indulging clear soup with chunks of mixed seafood, & veggies etc.


The menu has a lot to offer, in appetizers we tried Prawn & Calamari Tempura , garnished with finely chopped mushrooms & drizzled with spicy creamy sauce.

So succulent & colorful assortment of sushis ……… We had the delish Prawn Tempura Rolls. Rolls are stuffed with tempura prawn & topped with crab, mayo & avocado. I would say …..…. a combination too good to eat!!

And the mixed Sushi Platter was great too. It is named High Flyer Sashimi & Sushi. The assorted pieces were tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, hammour sashimi, crab sashimi, tuna sushi, salmon sushi, prawn sushi, cucumber maki & crab maki.


I main course we had Prawn Chili Ramen, Ramen Noodles full of flavors & topped with stir fried prawns.

Another main course was Spicy Fish Teppanyaki , a hearty wholesome platter of small fish cubes which were stir fried with amazing seasonings, served with rice & vegetables. To make it more filling & healthier it was accompanied with Miso Soup.


They have a good Mocktail variety in the menu, I had Bora Bora which was a mix of cranberry juice, pineapple juice, lime juice & sprite.


In desserts Crème Brulee & ice-cream flavors like Ginger & Green Tea, I had tried Green Tea flavor earlier, Ginger flavor in ice-cream is also good to taste with just a mild essence of ginger being added to the ice-cream.


Opening Hours : Starts at 12 Noon till late midnight.

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