Two new brands BEYOND & VDI Launch at the Face Shop in the UAE

Korean beauty wonder The Face Shop is armed with exciting new beauty launches across skincare, haircare and makeup come season. Beyond and VDI are two new gems and the latest additions to The Face Shop’s crown offering consumers a variety of beauty solutions across bodycare, hair care and makeup. Deriving from the philosophy of eco-beauty, the range uses all natural ingredients that withhold forces of earthy energy in all their products.



The BEYOND BODY CARE line features four different variants including an Anti-oxidant range, Daily Moisturizing, Vitality & Energy and an Anti-aging one too.  The all natural ingredients work towards revitalizing fatigued skin and create a moisture barrier to retain the goodness. The Anti-oxidant range has a mix of berries whilst the Deep moisture range is created with a combination of Rice milk, honey and olives.

The BEYOND HAIR CARE range features three different variant for lustrous hair treatment including Luster care, Hair loss and Oily scalp care.

The Argan Therapy  range is a combination of different oils such as Argan, Macadamia and Coconut all fused together giving your locks a beautiful shine, while the Hair loss care range uses a 3-step healing system to strengthen hair follicles from the roots and beyond.

Last but not the least is the professional defense range that works to target oily scalps removing excels oil and sebum, replacing it with healthy moisture, the kind your scalp needs.


Cutting edge makeup comes to life with VDIVOV. Featuring one of a kind products for lips and eyes, the VDIVOV range is one to watch out for. The products are developed with extreme precision to ensure smooth and easy application for a girl on the go.


VDIVOV Highlights:

Eye cut Mascara – For naturally yet clearly defined lashes with its soft-fitting formula. AED 145

Eye Cut Auto Liner – A gel pencil liner delivering flawless lines and silky smooth glide onto the eyes. AED 90

Lip cut rouge – Full coverage color in one single stroke, comes in shine, matte and velvet finish. AED 120



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