Hyderabadi Nawabi Experience At Deccan Delight – Ajman

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Northern Emirates has been a great hub & host to many restaurants at its various locations. With an increasing number of new restaurants & growth in hospitality sector, you can enjoy the type of cuisine and eatery what you are looking for.
Ajman has a new spot which takes you to culinary journey in Nawabi style & makes your dining experience memorable. At this newly opened restaurant Deccan Delight, you can try authentic flavors from Hyderabad Deccan and indulge in a menu which will take you to a Nawabi food journey, Some where you will find twists in recipes which are restaurant specialties. While on the other hand enjoy recipes originally from the region like the authentic Hyderabadi Haleem, Shahi Dal, Hyderabadi Murgh, Mughlai recipes,the innovative Patthar Ka Gosht, Shahi Gosht, Chutneys, special desserts & above all the authentic Biryanis.


Review has details of our delightful culinary evening hosted by Deccan Delight. Interior decor with historical background, staff hospitality & cuisine are perfectly paired.


Deccan Delight Special was our welcome drink which was a refreshing summer treat & so was the lemonade.


Shahi Haleem …… the thick blend of grains & pulses is the original recipe from the region. Mild enough to enjoy for all those who avoid spicy & hot flavors.

Patthar Ka Gosht ….. the innovation is seen at live cooking station , burning hot stone slab is loaded with sliced lamb pieces, done to perfection & full of special flavors.

A short description & history of the dish which became inspiration ….. Patthar Ka Gosht was prepared by Aurangzeb’s army who cooked raw meat on rocks heated under the fierce heat of Deccan Sun during the Golconda conquest.

Fiery Chicken 65 ……. Fusion styled crispy fried chicken bites with delicious coating and blend of curry leaves , do try this sizzling platter.


Main Course:

Dum Ka Murgh …… enjoyed soft chicken in creamy gravy with addition of almonds & cashews with hot rumali roti.

Shahi Gosht ….. this is a new addition in their menu, coated with thick green gravy is a treat for taste buds. Tandori roti is best paired with this.

Tamatar Ki Chutney ….. when this chutney is in front , you won’t go for another curry or dish, this chutney perfect all alone to eat with your favorite type of chapatti. Those who are very fond of spices and hot flavors are definitely going to like it .

Khatti Wali Daal ….. another vegetarian delight is this daal prepared in royal spices & fresh herbs, wish I could try only this daal and roti , but since we were at blogger’s get together with plethora of dishes lined up.


Kacche Gosht Ki Dum Biryani &
Hyderabadi Subz Dum Biryani served with Mirchi Ka Salan & Raita

Biryanis all specially curated in hyderabadi Deccan style. Richly flavored biryani, you will keep asking for more. Both have classic recipes from Nizam’s Kitchen.


Kaddu Ki Kheer
Double Ka Meetha
End up your Nawabi Hyderabadi culinary evening with these famous & known desserts. Creamy saffron flavoured thick milk on bread is mouth melting so is the kheer.


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