Binghatti Hospitality Celebrates Cupagahwa’s First Anniversary

 Binghatti Hospitality, the hospitality arm of Binghatti Holding, celebrated Cupagahwa’s first anniversary with the determination to achieve more success and growth during the three coming years.

After one year full of success and intense, rapid expansion and plenty of new menu items in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, Binghatti Hospitality proudly celebrated Cupagahwa’s first anniversary  at Cupagahwa La Mer (Grand Branch).

The well-established café and restaurant brand offered a lot of different gifts to customers throughout the weekend of the exclusive occasion including traditionally-shaped Arabic Finjan cups decorated with H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s most famous poetry, celebrating “Gahwa”, the eminent Emirati coffee ritual and cultural tradition.


With an ambitious plan to open 200 Cupagahwa branches all over the UAE and Saudi Arabia within three years, Binghatti Hospitality is set to invest over AED 500 million ($136.1 million), demonstrating the true extent of the company’s commitment to adding local flavours to its established international quality of foods, beverages and ambiance.

This wide expansion will be supported by the company’s 6,000-sq-ft central kitchen facility which produces Cupagahwa’s signature menu offerings for the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah branches. This facility comprises a training and development centre capable of training the chain’s hand-picked serving and management staff to the first-class standard expected of all Binghatti Hospitality employees.

The Cupagahwa cafés and restaurants offer a range of exclusive dishes of local Emirati flavours such as Shakshuka, Balaleet, Fish Machboos, Chicken Machboos, in an international-style café. Cupagahwa cafés and restaurants offer many local flavourful drinks. The local beverages can be enjoyed with Middle Eastern taste-inspired pastries and cakes such as Cheesecake Kunaffa and Cocoa Rahash Kunafa, or western ones such as the Carrot Cake and Red Velvet Cake.


In addition to fresh locally sourced dishes, Cupagahwa serves up a feast of dishes, salads, appetizers, beverages, pastries, cakes and desserts inspired by western pleasures.

Sharing his thoughts on Cupagahwa’s first anniversary, Muhammad BinGhatti, Binghatti Holding’s CEO, said: “We are proud to celebrate Cupagahwa’s first anniversary by familiarizing our clients with the “Gahwa” tradition which symbolizes the Emirati hospitality and ancient local rituals and heritage.  Giveaways distributed during the special occasion further familiarised our customers with the Emirati culture and rituals we are proud of and that inspire us”.

“We are proud of the success witnessed in the Cupagahwa cafés and restaurants, and we are determined to open more branches during the three coming years. We are eager to take advantage of the great opportunities offered by the UAE’s environment as well the economic dynamism witnessed Saudi Arabia. Our Cupagahwa brand added new flavor to the UAE’s hospitality sector and we would like to extend this success to neighboring countries, first, and with a more regional vision to follow” BinGhatti added.

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