Grecian Grill Dubai Marina

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Our last weekend afternoon was spent in Dubai Marina experiencing Greek hospitality. Tucked inside Jannah Marina Bay Suites with Marina Lake view and on top of it is the hospitality & the way you are taken care of by the caring staff.
The restaurant is actually run by a family , the sociable Greek couple & chef takes you to an amazing Greek culinary journey. We enjoyed our entire afternoon indulging in a cuisine with different flavors and served with fondness & as each course was served to us we were explained the traditions & details of each dish.

We had an array of hot & cold mezzes, starters , main course & desserts.

To maintain authenticity in their recipes & to retain the exact flavors, most of the ingredients are brought from Greece.

Traditional Greek Salad … a generous bowl of tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, onions, capsicums, capers, olives & with a drizzle of olive oil.

Cold Starters:
Their menu includes Tirokafteri which is shredded feta cheese with yogurt chilli peppers, oregano etc, traditional Greek Feta drizzled with olive oil & oregano, Grecian Hummus which is a mix of pureed chickpeas with tahini, honey & spices, & Tzatziki …. a yogurt recipe with marinated cucumber, garlic & olive oil.

Hot Starters:
Fava … Green Yellow Split Peas , this paste which is like hummus in texture but with a different taste is a specialty of the region, freshly prepared by the chef himself topped with caramelized onions & you can have it with bread.

Moussaka Bites ….. another traditional Greek recipe where eggplants are oven baked loaded with yumminess with layers of potatoes, minced beef & béchamel sauce. Do try this dish!

Lamb Pie …. Baked filo pastry sheets are stuffed with shredded lamb, another delicious recipe.

Do ask for this refreshing mint & lemonade drink.


We had a sumptuous mixed platter of meat. Here is the detail of what we had …
Lamb Lamb Kontosouvli ……. Enjoyed the flavors in this bonless lamb done in olive oil, tomatoes & herbs.
Whole Lamb …… enjoyed a portion out of this lamb rotisserie.
Chicken Exohiko …. Small bites of juicy tasty chicken marinated with herbs & topped with mustard sauce.

Galaktomboureko …… custard filled phyllo dough.
Greek Orange Pie …. Soft orange flavored dessert tasted good.
Halvas ….. Greek sweet made of Semolina resembles the same Arabic Semolina bites.
Chocolate Walnut Cake …


They also offer home delivery.
Enjoy great Marina views . Interior is done with mix shades of gold & orange, & floral decor. Some historical pictures & hangings depict the country’s culture.


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