Cucina Mia Ristorante

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This Italian restaurant is an independent outlet located ideally in JBR serves meals which totally reflects the tradition and original recipes from the region. The highly experienced & famous chef Matteo Bissanti, shows his skills and expertise in each dish. We had some precious moments while talking to the chef. The chef explained to us, while in the kitchen he makes sure not only to keep the authenticity of dishes intact but at the same time food is always freshly prepared and served immediately. Chef believes that serving fresh food is at its best and heating any of the cooked food or its ingredients effects the flavors.
I had a feeling of contentment while savoring on each course of meal , after being assured of its healthy cooking style & ingredients used.
The menu has a lot of veg & non- veg options to enjoy. Hot & cold beverages, non- alcoholic drinks & fresh juices.

We had the platter of bread slices with olives to start with.


Appetizer :
Polpo e Patate ……. Our first course was a very delicate presentation of the dish. The Appetizer was a layered dish of boiled potatoes and Mediterranean Octopus, this dish which I normally do not try from restaurant menus. Here when the chef prepared for us, not only it entices me of its presentation but tasted great too! Its garnishes & other additions were celery, parsley, olive oil & Tropea Onions.

Pizza Vegetariana ….. according to them, the pizza is prepared only with Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese. And no doubt the pizza was very delicious, as I am more fond of of meaty toppings in pizzas. But this one truly impressed us. The flat , soft & at the same time with a little crunch this Roman Pizza is richly topped with Tomato Sauce, Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese, Zucchini , Capsicums, Onions & Artichokes. Do try this!

Risotit – Italian Rice:
Risotto ai Funghi Porcini …… Risotto is my favorite Italian dish,here liked it the way it has to be, creamy , velvety & mixed with Porcini Mushrooms & Parmesan Cheese.

Carpacci : Carpaccio Di Manzo …….
For those who Who are fond of meat dishes , I would recommend to try their dish Carpaccio Di Manzo. This beef brine is done so perfect with flavors well immersed. Carpaccio are raw thin slices of meat or fish marinated with salt, lemon & extra virgin olive oil. Beef Carpaccio with Rocket Salad and Parmesan Cheese. I would say this was the hit item from their menu.


Dolci Dela Casa Dessert ….. Tiramisu , without thinking we opted for this all time favorite Tiramisu. After having such a delicious meal spread, there was no doubt left in the perfection of this dessert. So creamy & rich, a perfect item in the dessert section.

Gelateria Italian Gelato:
Coppa Di Gelato Ice-Cream jar ….. they have three flavors listed in the menu Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry. We had Fragola Strawberry. Soft and icy bites of sorbet was good to end up the meals.

They have a very good outdoor seating arrangement ,great to dine around during cooler days. Interior is also interstingly done reflecting the streets of Italy.
Open kitchen is always busy serving guests as well as home deliveries & efficient staff makes you feel at home.

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