Nurai Café Business Bay

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I was recently invited to visit Nurai Café in Business Bay area, these days it is very rare & hard to find a place with so much serenity & away from the hustle & bustle. The restaurant attracted a good crowd, but it did not effect the calm hotel ambiance.

The restaurant also offers an ample outdoor seating arrangement overlooking Dubai Canal & great views.
Shisha lovers can spend long hours in peaceful outdoor with beautiful views of Canal.

Indoor has a lot of capacity too, with a glass partition for smoking & non-smoking areas. Restaurant has fitted LED screens for sport enthusiasts to enjoy while they dine.

We had a delicious spread of Lebanese menu, I actually had all my favorites on the table. But their menu is far more interesting and elaborated , other than the traditional & middleeastern items, you can enjoy some International dishes as well.

Drinks, Mojitos & shakes are on offer with impressive combination of flavors. Here is the mouthwatering description of what all we had for our dinner.

Pacific Passion …. when I read the detail in menu I opted this blend, it was a mix of pineapple juice , passion fruit & mango syrups along with fresh strawberries. So thick and tasteful!

Strawberry Mojito ….. we were advised by the staff to try this, very refreshing mix of fresh orange & pineapple juice, with fresh strawberries and well combined with strawberry ice-cream & cream.

All time favorite and traditional salads & hot & cold mezzehs were served to start with. Aromatic freshly baked bread is such an indulging start, we enjoyed it with Hummus & Tabouleh.

Buffalo Chicken Wings …. Fried chicken wings coated in buffalo sauce served with blue cheese dip. We actually had two different flavors in wings ,Buffalo Spicy & Bbq . Both were amazingly done, so soft and rich in flavors, loved messing up hands in Bbq sauce. You need to try these chicken wings from their menu.


Chicken Quesadillas …. again they prepare it perfect , soft chicken fajita chunks filled in side fresh tortilla bread along with bell peppers, cheddar cheese, onions, soya sauce & served with sour cream & guacamole. Each bite is full of delight. I would recommend this as well.


Spicy Potato with Coriander …… each time when I am at a Lebanese restaurant , I make sure not to miss ordering this dish. This dish is their specialty, preparing potatoes the healthier way! Diced potatoes are either baked or pan tossed with a touch of mild garlic coriander and some more spices. These dry and flavorful potatoes are amazing here.

Soujouk …… another special dish , fried sausages are prepared in tomatoes & onions.

Mixed Grill: 1 skewer each of beef, chicken, kebab served with grilled veggies , pita bread, french fries & hummus dip. Grills are perfect! Soft , juicy & delicious.

Desserts: Their dessert have a variety of traditional as well as International desserts.
Profiterloes & Ice-Cream …… satisfy your sweet cravings at any time of the day here at Nurai Café. This impressive tower of Profiteroles is full of delight, sweet & crunchy bites , which you never want to end up. Ice-cream stuffing goes well in profiteroles.

Lebanese Kunafah ….. Kunafah is amongst my top favorites in desserts, drizzle sugar syrup and enjoy with Arabic Qehwa, I did the same here. But the true Lebanese style to eat is to cut open small breads & stuff these with Kunafah drizzle sugar syrup & enjoy!

Another positive aspect of the restaurant is their over flexible opening hours for those who are very fond of hanging around with friends during late hours. Surprised to know by the manager that the restaurant never close. Weekends are packed throughout the night & they have to wind up 6 am in the morning.
Home delivery services are also available.

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