Al Mashowa – City Walk Dubai

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The seafood culinary concept in Dubai’s dining scene is always at top as UAE is home to seafood treasures, the seafood market not only boast of producing fresh catch but at the same time many restaurants here retain the traditional styles of Emirati cuisine , keeping in mind the cultural heritage which the tourists in UAE very fondly look for, some restaurants also provide fusion cooking concepts which cater the needs of foodies from different regions.
The authentic Emirati dishes & flavors are combined with contemporary styles to create a twist in dishes.
While talking about a restaurant which serves authentic Emirati cuisine in a modern ambiance and Dubai’s most hip venue at The City Walk, the spot comes to mind is Al Moshawa Restaurant. The restaurant with its interesting & well lit ambiance & décor which depicts old heritage is a great attraction for customers.
I recently attended a food tasting event at Al Mashowa, and enjoyed the delicacies at lunch. The menu is a true seafood indulgence but they do have very delicious lamb dishes as well.
We had refreshing cocktails from their variety of cocktail menu like Passion of Arabia , a mix of strawberries, peach, orange etc.

Soups …. tried their thick, creamy seafood & lentil soups.


Hobool …. this was fried fish roe served with spicy lime & tomato dip. However for some flavors you need to develop a taste, as I felt a bit stronger flavor in this dish.


Salad … Bowl of fresh Jarjeer Salad, Al Moshawa Salad is a big healthy platter to start with , full of fresh green leaves, calamari, prawns, fish, white beans , lettuce & drizzled with saffron vinaigrette.

Dango ….. Emirati style chickpeas.
Bajeela …. Emirati style broad beans.


Ayesh Mashkoul …… these are white rice with fried onions.
Machbous Rice …. these are traditional Emirati spiced rice.

Al Mashowa Platter ….. do try this amazing mix seafood platter so enticing to the eyes and equally delicious, each & every item is flavorful , here I would mention for those who are very fond of spicy meals, the food here is not spicy at all but still the cooking styles with just a few ingredients and salt are doing great. Platter includes lobster, tiger prawns, squids, crabs, & fish with salad & rice.

Fresh Hamour from the Fish Tank …. special item from the menu ,there is an option if you want it to be grilled or fried. We enjoyed the whole fish.

Lahm Thareed … soft lamb stew along with vegetables.

Desserts: Delicious Lougmat with heavily drizzled sugar syrup area must try!

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