Supercars and Luxury Fashion come together in Dubai

The lavish Formula-One Themed show at Deals on Wheels sees 30 luxury super-stylish cars pair with men’s clothing, jewellery, accessories and arts

 Supercars ‘catwalk’ on a specially built F1 track across the showroom while flanked by models

  The high octane Formula One themed event by Deals on Wheels at their Sheikh Zayed Road showroom presented an amazing display of supercars paired with fashion, uber lavish lifestyle, arts and all things luxury. The audiences were treated to a fantastic show of super-stylish, super-powerful speed demons, taking them on a thrilling ride while providing an unforgettable, one-of-its kind experience.

Supercars, followed by models, glide across the specially created F1 track at the Deals on Wheels F1-themed Show.

 The grand prix-styled affair saw over 30 supercars strutting down a royal runway trimmed in red, black and white stripes echoing a racetrack, flanked by male models wearing skull masks and in an ensemble of clothing, jewelry and accessories that complimented each car on the F1 ramp.Additionally, contemporary artworks reflecting modern thoughts and inspirations adorned the across the showroom.


 The entire showroom was transformed into a raceway pit lane with racing paraphernalia, motoring backdrops, etc. Attended by VVIPS, members from the royal family, race enthusiasts, luxury cars aficionados, fashionistas, art lovers amongst others, the dazzling line-up of the luxurious vehicles of the likes of Bugattis, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porches, and Mesaratis, created a classic aura of a Formula 1 event.


 Explaining the concept and theme behind the show, Mohamed Redha Abdulla, founder of Deals on Wheels, said: “Any supercar lover is well aware of the thrill of Formula 1 racing; it’s more than just an event, it’s a culture within itself. This is what we have tried to re-create through this show: the excitement of riding super-luxury cars seamlessly paired with a unique ensemble of urban fashion – two of the top-most characteristics of the affluent lifestyle of the UAE. We’re quite pleased with the outcome, and it was quite stirring to watch the classic array of supercars revving on the F1 track, building a bubbling excitement among the audience. The cherry on the top was the one-of-its-kind fashion show, which lent its unique flavor to the event”.

 The exclusive collection for men’s fashion show was designed by The Skull Society known for its out-of-the-box view on urban fashion. The entire collection reflected the F1 theme, pairing well with the adventurous lifestyle of supercar drivers boldly reflected in the attire and typically studded with thousands of crystals.

The F1-themed show was sponsored by AXCL Lubes, Azizi Developments, Emirates Color Services, Cinar Carpets, Bazxar, Brands & Trends, Aqua Plus, Gulf Foil, Grafitti Dubai, Apex Touch Technology Trading, Digital Time Advertising and Dubai Al Riyadah, among others.


 Established in 2008, Deals on Wheels is among the fastest growing supercar dealerships in the world, boasting an inventory of over 200 prestigious vehicles.

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