The Stuffed Burger Co – Jumeirah

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The Stuffed Burger Company is the first burger joint in Dubai with a menu specialized in carefully crafted stuffed burgers, blending delicious fillings into their burger patties with the best sourced ingredients.


The new burger joint uses only the freshest ingredients handmade and prepared-daily, with freshly baked potato buns, ensuring a tastier and fluffier texture, free range chicken and pure beef ground meat in an open kitchen where customers can also enjoy the order being prepared by chefs.

Other than the main menu , the appetizers include shrimps & chicken items, the top favorites amongst those are the Dynamite Shrimps, Chicken Wings, & Texas Fries.
Mojitos … you can enjoy Lemon or Passionfruit Mojito. I had refreshing passionfruit.

Salads menu is also unique with offerings like Red Salad Jar, Chicken Kiwi Salad Jar, Burger Salad etc.

We had the best from their appetizers section ….
Dynamite Shrimps….. finger-licking fresh shrimps coated with dressing, you will keep asking for more!

Loaded Fries …. for your side item you can have the fries loaded & topped with cheese, bacon, grilled onions & special sauce from Stuffed Burger.

They have a unique take on burgers, & specially curated mini sliders with variety of fillings. This enticing platter of sliders are not only appealing to eyes but perfectly done with each of its combination & flavors. Here is the detail :

The Works …. charboiled beef burger with cheese, mushroom & bacon with sauce. Perfect combination.

Fried Shrimps …. fried shrimps with lettuce & herb mayo sauce. Crispy delicious shrimps in sliders are too good.

California Chicken …… grilled chicken breast with BBQ sauce& caramelized onion and cheese.

Peanut Choco ……. stuffed slider with peanut butter and chocolate topped with sweet potato fries. With this unique combination, I was hesitated to take the first bite of it, then realized it was not a bad decision.


Bacon Swiss Crispy ….. fried chicken breast topped with swiss cheese and smoked beef bacon.
Pulled Beef ….. slow cooked, coleslaw n parmesan cheese toasted bun.

Cheese Burger …. cheese, tomato, grilled onions & the company sauce.
Stuffed Burgers.

The Stuffed Burger and Co signature five burgers include Three Cheese, Pizza burger, Mushroom &Swiss, Blue Cheese and Roasted Tomato& Garlic fillings.

Roasted Tomato & Garlic was a big richly stuffed beef burger packed with deliciousness. Tomatoes, garlic, peppers, jalapenos, onions, salsa ranch sauce are the combinations in burger.

Double Char Cheese Burger …. as the name says loaded with cheese, juicy beef patty with crisp lettuce, tomato, onions. Great taste!

Broiled Chicken ….. another flavor packed burger if you are in a mood of chicken burger, marinated & charboiled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, onions & mayo.
The restaurant also offers a variety of delectable flavors for regular or boneless chicken wings which include, Habanero, Cajun, Mild Buffalo, Smoked BBQ, Chipotle Ranch, Honey Mustard and Sweet Chili.


Desserts include Lotus & White Chocolate Cake & Chocolate Brownies.
I would pass on my full recommendation for the dessert which changes your mood, melt in the mouth with a crunch & velvety texture at the same time in one bite, This ultimate dessert is their Lotus & White Chocolate Cake.


Shakes have great varieties too , like Oreo, Chocolate, Lotus, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Brownie, S’mores.

Set in a comfy and funky interior, customers will feel at ease in the restaurant’s welcoming indoor atmosphere. They will also be able to enjoy the al fresco dining option at Jumeirah Road location in the heart of Dubai.


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