Reem Al Bawadi Motor City – Dubai

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Lebanese cuisine is promising delightful dining experience with its great spread of starters, salads, hot & cold mezzes followed by the grilled platters specially if you are to satisfy your meat cravings.
Reem Al Bawadi a fame in Lebanese Cuisine & with its branches spread all across UAE has recently opened its doors in Motor City.
With the short- lived pleasant & cooler weather in UAE you still have time to enjoy the outdoors at Reem Al Bawadi where you can relax for hours at Shisha with friends & family in the peaceful surroundings of Motor City. About the dining , as always the restaurant has its best kept standards in food & variety in menu.
The interior has a cultural touch in décor, the seating provides a comfortable arrangement for family dining as well. Spacious hall & parents with smaller kids are very well taken care of with an attractive play area for kids with fitted LED screen. Parents can have their own time while the kids are safe and busy at play area.

About dining …. We were offered the menu card to select our meals, but I like the same fix of salads & starters, but the menu has a very good variety & options not only for Middle Eastern dishes but a part from this you can enjoy International Flavors.
For drinks we opted for the refreshing mix flavors in drinks like Carrot Orange & Pineapple & Pomegranate drinks.
Tabouleh, Fatoush, Makanek in Pomegranate Sauce (delicious sausages infused with fragrant spices marinated in lemon & pomegranate juice), Spicy potatoes … these pan tossed crispy flavorful diced potatoes with garlic & coriander flavor is a must try dish.

Mixed Grills ……Mixed Grill Platter which had a mix selection of some very tasty pieces of lamb cubes, kebabs, shish tawook & chop served with Meat Arayes …. these Meat Arayes is a flavorful pita bread stuffed with meat, other sides were French Fries & grilled veggies.
Lamb Chops …..another plate of Lamb Chops was served separately delicious chops were marinated in Arabic spices and sides.
Jumbo Shrimps ….. .. deep fried jumbo shrimps were so delightful & crispy served with French fries & vegetables.

Meat Shawarma …… you can have what you like chicken or meat, we opted for beef, shawarma bread was richly stuffed with shredded meat served with tahini sauce , pickles and French fries together makes a wholesome & filling plate.


Desserts: You will get to enjoy variety of desserts in their menu, the Head Chef put his best efforts to serve the distinguishing items which we had in desserts. We were very well taken care of by the restaurant manager & his entire staff.
Outhmaliyeh Bil Ashta …. Two layers of crispy outmaliyeh dough stuffed with traditional ashta served with sugar syrup. This is one of the best Middle Eastern sweet treats. Must try this!

Cotton Candy & Miskeh Ice-cream …. this enticing dessert was as delicious as it looked like , combination of Lebanese cotton candy with Miskeh ice-cream & garnished with pistachios was too good. You can opt either miskeh or vanilla ice-cream .. ( miskeh is an extract from a tree with a rubbery texture)
Home delivery is also available. Enough parking is available, the vast set up at Motor City area is surely to be a great outing for the whole family.

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