Sukkar at Boxpark launches new Desserts menu

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Sukkar, a concept by Logma and CCG’s latest addition, serves Khaleeji sweets & other treats like cakes, cheesecakes, milk cakes, cookies, brownies, lugaimat, and more, all with the flair of local flavors and ingredients such as saffron, rose, pistachio, and rahash to name a few.

So if you are looking for some innovations or to impress your guests , this place is well sorted out for some enchanting sweet treats for your afternoon tea or just hang around in the outdoor setting of Box Park while enjoying the exciting combination of flavors which the expert team of at Sukkar has put together in desserts & beverages.

We have had a great dining experience previously at Logma, our recent visit was at Sukkar the sister property of Logma. We got to try variety of traditional delicacies.

Specialty Coffee:
The small outlet just adjacent to Logma has outdoor seating where you can enjoy the weather these days by sipping on new flavors of latte like Saffron, Rose, Lotus & Pistachio Latte.
I opted to have Pistachio Latte, this warm & ‘weather perfect’ drink is perfect to enjoy these days. Chopped nuts in each sip and topped with marshmallows, although I am not a fan of marshmallows, but I enjoyed the Pistachio flavored Latte. Other than specialty coffee, they also have other hot beverages on offer.

Specialty Shakes:
Very rich & creamy shakes are on offer in the menu. We had the huge scrummiest glass of Snickers Shake which was a mix of vanilla ice-cream, snickers, chocolates, biscuits, peanuts, whipped cream,& caramel sauce.
Other shake flavors are Dates & Honey, Rahash, Berry.

Sukkar Milk Cakes:
This toothsome dessert comes in many flavors. You need to try all one after the other from their menu. Dessert lovers will find many flavor options in every dessert here. Out of those many options I planned to go for the Classic Milk Cake which is a mouthwatering soft juicy sponge cake well soaked in thick milk sauce & light whipping cream topped with sliced strawberries.
Other lip – smacking flavors of milk cake are Saffron, Pistachio Rose, Hazelnut, Rahash, Horlicks, Rose, & Coconut.

Sukkar Secrets:
Sukkar Puffs …… delicious soft bites filled with various stuffings like Saffron, Chocolate , Blueberry, Rose, Pistacho, & Vanilla. As you take the bite, the soft flavored sauces oozing out from the puffs are too delightful.

Cheese Cakes: Mini Cheese cakes to savor along with your favorite beverages. Flavors like Chocolate, Rose, Pistachio, Orange, Blueberry & Rahash. We tired the Rose & Chocolate flavors. Perfect in taste & texture. Rose cheese cake was topped with kunafa , liked the combination of kunafa & cheese cake.

Sukkar Lugaimat:
All time favorite traditional sweet Lugaimat has also been innovated by the experts at Sukkar. They have introduced so many flavors in Lugaimat. We tried the Oreo Lugaimat, mouth melting perfectly done lugaimats garnished with crumbled oreos, drizzled with white chocolate , milk, chocolate sauce etc. You can also try the innovations & combinations like honey, Nutella, Lotus, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Berries & Salted Caramel. Traditional Lugaimat is also available.

Sukkar Specials:
You will find a lot of items which are the secret techniques & recipes of Sukkar chefs. One of them was Cookie Crumble. Crispy baked crumbled cookies covered with heavy chocolate sauce, salted caramel sauce, honey comb, hazelnuts & scoops of vanilla ice-cream. Great tasting dish! Do give it a try.

And as the cooler days still prevail in the UAE I would recommend to try this place in Box Park , enjoy the ambiance & exciting hot & cold beverages & desserts.
You can also get parcels & takeaway of your favorite Khaleeji sweets.

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