Blaze Burgers, the premium burger joint known for its popularity, detail and bold creations, has brought its tasty gourmet offerings to The Walk, JBR, in Dubai.

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While hanging around in the wondrous JBR one gets attracted towards those line of eateries which makes it really hard to decide which one to opt , if you are in a mood of eating burgers , Blaze Burgers, the premium burger joint known for its popularity, detail and bold creations, has brought its tasty gourmet offerings to The Walk, JBR, in Dubai.

Delicious premium burgers with the finest wholesome ingredients with vegetarian options as well. From choosing the best cuts of American Angus or Australian Wagyu to a wide selection of gourmet cheeses too – from Cheddar and Emmental to American cheese, Parmesan and blue cheese.
After tremendous success in Bahrain, Blaze Burgers is setting out to conquer taste buds in Dubai with a menu that caters to carnivores through a choice of premium burger patties.
Burger & food connoisseurs watching the waistline can ask for a lettuce wrap instead of bread to opt for low-carb option. Meanwhile, there’s choice for sides – with French fries, chips, onion rings and the Blaze Burgers famous “scoopers” all on the menu.
Here is the detail of our luscious menu offered to us. What made for us a memorable experience was the courtesy of staff , the manager & their guidance in selecting the menu.

Mocktails / Shakes

No jito Cooler ….. This was the refreshing blend of cucumber , lime & mint.

Oreo Milkshake ….. overloaded with richness & taste ,with ice-cream served separately to add more delight to your sips.
It’s not just burgers that draw the crowds to Blaze Burgers. Dubai foodies will love the brand’s new Dry Shake – the city’s first milkshake made entirely with ice-cream and not milk. And of course, there’s the gourmet extra creamy soft ice cream that Blaze Burgers makes in-house.

6ABooga with Awesomeness Blaze Topping ……. Brick burger ( two grilled cheese sandwiches) with your favorite toppings & US certified Angus Beef. Heavily stuffed sandwiches / burgers served here are surely a great treat for beef lovers.
Gourmet Wagyu Burger …. Australian Wagyu , a premium blend of selected beef cuts so delicious full with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, mustard, home made pickles, cheddar cheese , so attractively presented with a burned/ grilled cheddar slice. This poppadum like cheese is an interesting addition.


Choose Your Potatoes: As I mentioned earlier, they have an interesting variety of potatoes to select as sides. Scoopers, Chips, French Fries, Onion Rings. We opted for soft sliced potatoes … scoopers & Cajun spicy french fries. The spice sprinkled on fries reminded of those school days canteen spicy french fries. But these are far more tastier.

Angry Fries ….. If I would not order my burger, this loaded dish of angry fries is still enough to eat without any other item. Upon their suggestion, we tried these and enjoyed eating hot & spicy fries topped with cheese sauce & jalapenos.


Home Made Dips: They served us all those amazing flavors which are prepared by their chef and each dip carries a special distinctive flavor. I dipped in my each bite of fries & burgers into a new dip & found every next dip so perfect to try. The flavors are ….Awesomeness Sauce, Blaze Lite Ranch, Smokey Sauce, Jalapeno Mayo, Habanero Mayo, Chipotle Ketchup, sour Cream Nuclear Mustard.

Desserts: Their desserts menu has a limited but quality selection of delightful items. We had Cookie Blondie , what an amazing contrast of warm aromatic baked cookie dough in a mini skillet served with a dollop of ice-cream. If still this is not enough for you, want some heavily drizzled white chocolate sauce on your dessert? Then this one is for you along with a garnish of m&m’s. What a sublime dessert it was!


Blaze Burgers outlet has an interior that expresses the Blaze ethos of contemporary hospitality. The unique styles, edgy art including murals, objects, paintings and graffiti created by local and international artists.


Moreover a mini mart concept is quite interesting , while chef is busy putting all his expertise to prepare your favorite meals from the menu, spend your time to select your favorite dressings , sauces, ketchups which are displayed on shelves.

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