Black Salt Restaurant Sharjah

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Black Salt is a newly opened casual dining eating spot situated at University City Sharjah. Those who need an escape from the typical dishes & recipes should try this place.

Fact of the matter is food is first eaten with eyes before it goes into our stomach. Presentation & plating matters, & what is interesting here about the presentation is the style & usage of edible items used as containers & covers.


Traditional Butter Chicken is served in Durban style Bread Bowls, how tempting it is to see the gravy oozing out of the bread bowl….. date cake served like a princess with a veil , caramelized sugar net dome shaped cover attracts the attention, or if you are a fan of white chocolate in any form you are surely to enjoy white chocolate dome used as a cover on the tasty delicious milk cake & see it melting as the warm thick creamy custard is poured over. And if gastronomic culinary delights attracts you , then you are at the perfect place.
We attended a blogger’s meet up,a very warm hospitable evening with a generous tasting session last week. Below is the detail of the dishes & Mojitos which we tried.
The dishes are richly prepared but mild in spices. And are for sure going to be popular amongst all age groups, the menu has many options which are equally suitable amongst adults & kids.

The drinks menu has some sensational mojitos & iced teas. As each blogger opted for a different mojito or iced tea, so the tables were soon filled with colorful & fascinating servings of different drinks like Home- Brewed Chamomile Iced Tea, Seasonal fresh Juices, Good-Ole Mint Mojito, Amaretto & Lemon Chiller, Berry Smoothie, Electric Mojito with Blackberry.
Home-Brewed Peach Iced Tea,Classic Pinacolada, Summer Vibes with Peach & Melon,Crazy Dulce De Leche Shake.

Fiery Bites ……… Crispy Chicken bites coated with special sauce, a perfect starter to enjoy with a hot mug of Coffee. This is how I feel!

Mac n Cheese Nachos ……. Mac n Cheese done in an easy to eat way, coated with Crispy Doritos and fried in triangular shapes. Not only adults, kids would also love it.

Salmon Tikka with Ruffles …… I like Salmon in any form, loved their version of small Salmon chunks prepared in Tikka style, served on a bed of Potato Ruffles topped with Sour Cream.

Slow Cooked Pulled Beef with Garlic Bread …… Beef fans are surely to enjoy this dish. Pulled Beef in a flavorful gravy with a dollop of Cream was so delightful to eat with Garlic Bread .
Quinoa Tabouleh …. Other than the traditional Tabouleh, some additions of citrus & vinaigrette were done to make it more pleasing.

Main Course:
Sambal Oelek Chicken ….. I would recommend this dish , as I myself am a fan of rich, creamy gravies. The Sambal Oelek Sauce gravy was too good with small chicken chunks accompanied by a small portion of Peruvian Rice.

Shish Tawook on Paratha …… A true treat for pleasant & sunny afternoons like we have these day. Paratha was heaped with Shish Tawook ( Grilled Chicken Pieces), Potato Fries, topped with Fresh Salad & drizzled with sour cream.

Butter Chicken Chow …. All time favorite Butter Chicken was served so attractively in Durban Style Bread Bowl with Butter Rice & Pickle as sides. The oozing out gravy from the bun evokes hunger.
Wagyu Sliders ….. Wagyu Slider was filled with Cheddar Cheese, Sauce & Onion Rings.
Crispy Chicken Sliders …… Chicken loaded with mouthwatering Butter Sauce & shredded lettuce, these Chicken Sliders & Wagyu sliders are both good to opt if you are in a mood to try fast food.
If you have to impress your guests take them to Black Salt for unique food presentations and tasty food.

Date Cake in Cage …… Do keep this in your list of desserts, moist & tasty date cake was covered with a lovely caramel cage. Such a unique & delicate presentation!

Milk Cake with White Chocolate Dome ……. Delicately moulded White Chocolate Dome with milk cake under it. Hot creamy milk custard is poured all over the Dome & as the White Chocolate Dome starts to melt, it unveils milk cake on the plate.

Red Velvet Tower ……. It was served in Molecular gastronomic style.

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