Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik inaugurate Sthan, a restaurant serving authentic Frontier food from beyond borders

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Sthan Restaurant offers authentic Frontier food from beyond borders, it is now open in Dubai. An ode to the culturally rich cuisine of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Sthan offers a delectable palette of food with the flavors, traditional heritage and exuberant spreads from these three countries.


The word Sthan, which means place, is the common element between HinduSthan, PakiSthan and AfghaniSthan. The flagship restaurant is known for its rustic open interiors Crafted with passion, the detailed Menu which refers to specific dishes from Kabul, Peshawar, Karachi, Bombay, Delhi etc. are suited for café style eating – so inviting & appealing to taste buds.

To compliment the menu, the ambience offers a sense of belonging and warmth just as one would experience in the nostalgic lanes of their city. The artwork, décor, a station of pickles, Goli Botal Soda Machine and drinks in the menu & map on the walls evokes a sense of nostalgia.


It also showcases how the food styles evolved as you move from Kabul to Karachi to Delhi. The interiors, with its ample natural lighting and full-length windows, blue & white floor tiles, the open kitchen, simple crockery & tandoors like the olden days makes it interesting .
The arrangement done on the first floor is ideal for parties & big family gatherings.

This noteworthy place in the region brings different cultures together by attracting them with the most deliciously done dishes . Expert chefs prepare seriously good food with a focus on flavors & to maintain standards.

Whatever I had it at my dinner, sharing it with my true & honest remarks. The generous spread ,kind attention of staff & quick service was remarkable. The restaurant attracts a huge crowd as it was fully booked & all tables were occupied , but the active staff attended each customer without any delay.

The drink menu has fresh juices, lassi & Bottle Soda which is prepared from the old-styled Goli bottle machine.

Soon our table started filling up ….
Our pre-meal items were the crispy hot slices of Zeera Chappatis & salad.

The tangy tasty all time favorite Bhalla Padi Chaat ….. … Lentil dumplings with crispy papdi topped with yogurt , mint tamarind chutney& pomegranate seeds. I emptied the full plate in minutes!
Murgh Ki Tikki ……. Pan fried chicken cutlets served with chickpeas curry, burani yogurt & mint chutney.

Machi Ambarsari …. Crispy fish fillets spiced with ajwain & amchur. This dish reminded me of chilly nights of Lahore when we used to savor famous Lahori fried fish on cold winter nights.

Peshawari Chapli Kebabs …..Pashtun-style minced kebab patty made from ground mutton , coriander, crushed chilies & spices . Like me, all those home cooks who spent a lot of time in kitchen making those popular ‘kachay qeemay ke kebab’ on special occasions & Eid….. you can try a similar home-cooked version of those kebabs here.

Dahi Ke Kebab ….. Pan fried tikkis made up of Paneer & creamed yogurt with some nuts inside.

Mutton Haleem …….. flavorful haleem with mild flavors and rich addition of mutton accompanied with lemon & crispy fried brown onions & garnished with cashewnuts.

Kebab Grills :

Lamb Chops ….. each & every dish was so perfectly done, lamb chops were so delectable with the right amount of spices.

Bhatti da Murgh …… country style tandoori chicken in yellow chilli, coarse garam masala & teekha masala.


Desserts: A succulent addition of desserts is found in the menu …..
Pista Gulkand wali Kulfi , Jalebi Ki Chaat, Angoori Rabri, Mutton Halwa. We had Pista Gulkand Kulfi & Angoori Rabri …. Do try these once you visit the place. Very creamy and luscious !

Inauguration of Sthan was done by Indian Tennis star Sania Mirza and her husband, Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik.

Sthan Launch
Commenting on the launch. Mr. Rohith Muralya, Director – Concept Cuisine, SFC Group said, “The aromatic Biryanis, Gravies, Naans, Kebabs and Chai is what culturally binds us all despite geographical borders. Although divided, Sthan offers a culinary blend of flavors and recipes that combine a tale that cannot be left untold. Sania and Shoaib are the best people to talk about Sthan’s magical tale and revisit what the countries have to offer.”
Traditionally a lot of the food in these three countries influence each other’s culinary styles and hence we are hopeful that our visitors will enjoy our culmination of food to represent only the best of what there is to offer.”He added.

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