The First PappaRoti Boutique opens its doors for a luxurious experience at Emirates Towers


Premium quality, Elegance and Luxury are some of the characteristics that define the first PappaRoti Boutique which has recently opened in Emirates Towers in Dubai.


PappaRoti Boutique is a smart and polished version of PappaRoti café, known for its signature coffee–caramelized bun, upgraded by top notch service garnished with luxury and elegance.  The interior is warm and sophisticated , classy touch of Gold along with  Peacock Green & Blue  shades in furniture makes the entire look so enchanted.


Keeping in mind the mood, choices & traditional style of the region, Gold is generously used in décor & cutlery. Horses are part of tradition too! And if it fascinates you, you’ll love the cutlery & cups which are attractively designed in gold & symbol of horse everywhere.


And if you are in a mood of Al Fresco dining, you are still at an ideal location with terrific ambiance, pleasant weather these days, DIFC views & tall attractive buildings.


About the food…. Other than their signature buns they have a lot more to offer. A very detailed menu with many options and  each week they have a fixed ‘Dish of the Day’ …… Last week when we visited we had our lunch, ‘Dish of the Day’ options were ….. Tenderloin Beef Steak with Pepper Sauce, Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Capper Sauce & as sides you can have Mashed Potatoes, Rice ,& Veggies. As you enjoy the food, live music /guitarist doubles your dining delight.


And yes, while our food was on our way from the kitchen  we were offered beverages of our choice, my daughter had her favorite Chocolate Shake, a glass full of richness and topped with fresh cream. I had Caramel Macchiato, enjoyed  my coffee and  its presentation, the cup in gold casing & spoon along  both designed  with a horse on it.


Emirati Breakfast …… Just mentioning here few details of their breakfast  which I haven’t  tried yet, but will definitely go for this very soon. The breakfast package is a very good value for money. In only AED 49, there is a list of few items out of  which you can opt for three dishes along with Karak Tea. The dishes to opt from are … Balaleet, kabisa, Chebab, Dango, Bajella, Bait Tamat, Paratha, Khameer.


Breakfast serving time is : 8:00 am to 11:00 am


Focusing on the presentation and the quality of ingredients, the Boutique serves a range of premium teas and coffees carefully handpicked and preserved to create a real symphony for the senses. It offers the special blend of 100% Arabica beans and cold brewed coffee that provide an incomparable flavor experience, the purest way to enjoy a perfect coffee. In addition to this, a full-fledged delicious menu including salads, snacks, desserts, cold and hot beverages  are available throughout the day.

PappaRoti Boutique satisfies the taste and liking of its niche customers by serving premium and high end freshly cooked food and beverage along with its existing signature menu from 8am to 10pm every day.

“As an added value specific to Pappa Roti Boutique, we are also introducing the option for our customers to customize the menu by ordering their wish dish in advance everyday, even if it doesn’t exist on our menu. The orders will be freshly prepared with the touch of our professional  in-house 5 star chefs. This option will allow our customers working at Emirates Towers offices and visitors to have a wide variety of options that will surely keep them happy.” Added Ms. Al Danhani, Owner and Founder of PappaRoti Café and PappaRoti Boutique.

For more information please visit or contact:









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