Last Week ISTANA Jewellers  and Chantecler Capri hosted a VIP  event to uncover the inspiration behind Chantecler’s new collections. The event took place at he beautiful location of Seafu Restaurant in Four Season Resorts Dubai.
The lunch was  hosted in presence of Costanza Aprea, the second generation owner of Chantecler . The trendy collection was on display at the venue and later we had a detailed tour of Istana Jewellery Shop situated within the Hotel. You can shop the exquisite collection from their location.


Seventy years of elegance, creativity, high manufacturing quality, tradition, values and passion. An anniversary to celebrate with the same passion and enthusiasm that marked Chantecler’s birth on a sunny Summer day.

Chantecler is a High Jewelry Maison founded in 1947 in Capri, the beautiful island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Renowned for its virtuosity in creating extremely refined handcrafted jewels with the finest materials, this brand from Capri has enchanted international jet-setters, royal families, celebrities and fashion icons since the Dolce Vita era, right after the Second World War, when Italy underwent a unique moment of joy and unrestrained wealth, passion and levity aimed to overcome the recent horrors. On this Island, where the scent of jasmine is stronger than anywhere else, where the smile of a woman is wider and more charming, where the flavor of lemons is unforgettable, the tradition of an old family is perpetuated through time. Nowadays Chantecleris managed by the three Aprea brothers: Costanza, Maria Elena and Gabriele, all preserving the pure Spirit of Capri with the same purity and originality passed down by their father, through innovative everlasting creations, unique High Jewelry pieces and exclusive and iconic prêt-à-porter jewels. Chantecler is based in Milan, with boutiques in Capri, Caladi Volpe, Tokyo, Astana and Hong Kong, with dealers in more than 15 countries worldwide.


At the end of the Forties Pietro Capuano, son of Neapolitan jewelers, opens the first jewelry store on the island along with his friend Salvatore Aprea, a young, stubborn man from Capri with a creative talent. In those days, Capri was living a unique and unforgettable fairy tale, attracting all the most beautiful and famous women, the wealthiest men, the most sophisticated thinkers. Hollywood divas, travelers, blue bloods, poets, lovers: all charmed by the possibility of living their dreams, all guests of a never ending party with the irreverent and beguiling Pietro Capuano, nicknamed Chantecler by his friends, like the rooster in Edmond de Rostand’s play that, with his call, had the extraordinary power of evoking dawn. Uninhibited and eccentric master of ceremonies, Capuano was the emperor of Capri’s nights, confidant of the divas and accomplice of lovers. The international jet-set prominent figures take with them from the island of the Dolce Vita amazing jewels that show the manufacturing ability and the preciousness of materials. Original jewelry, vital, light-hearted like the Island that witnessed their creation. While an uncontrollable excitement bounces on the Faraglioni and the clamor of the parties resounds in the famous Piazzetta, in the exclusive upper class crowd, on the high society stages, Chantecler’s creations become symbols of the elegance and magic of Capri. Jewelry conceived for women with a strong personality. This sparkling vivacity is still the main inspiration for Chantecler’s creativity. This happy mood can be detected in each single jewel, bravely original, manufactured with all the High Jewelry decrees. Expression of the “Made in Italy” excellence, Chantecler jewels arise from the inner capacity of creating something extraordinarily extravagant, marked by its unmistakable allure.


ISTANA: REDEFINING THE ART AND CRAFT OF  HIGH JEWELLERY   ISTANA Jewellers is a multi ‐ branded retailer of fine jewellery. It hosts twenty one well‐known jewellery houses and constantly strives to expand its portfolio  to better serve its clientele. ISTANA continually monitors the latest trends in the  world of haute jewellery and is proud to have introduced well ‐ known brands  that are on the cutting edge of jewellery design to the region.  The jewellery available at ISTANA was created in accordance with the highest  standards and with only the best materials available ‐ highly valued diamonds  that are mined ethically and outstanding gems that glitter and shimmer. Each  and every piece available at ISTANA is a wearable work of art that has been  created by exceptional artisans.  ISTANA aims to fulfill the myriad of needs to its discerning clientele by providing  only the finest range of products. Our mission is to continuously exceed our client’s increasing expectations.



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