Riso Dubai

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This new Italian Vegetarian restaurant has recently opened its doors in Oud Metha area in Dubai.
Restaurant has a lively ambiance done with very bright lights & equally bright colors in the décor. What I enjoyed other than the food was the good amount of light which helped a lot in photography ….


The palatable dishes offered to us was a mix of Middle eastern as well as Italian dishes. Menu has a detailed list of items like Tasty Vegetable Soups, Antipasti, Pizza, Risotto, Hot & Cold Mezzeh, Grilled Vegetable Dishes, Desserts, Mocktails & more.

Our colourful & delicious Vegetarian experience started with the Mocktails.
Strawberry Mocktail & Kontiki – Both were very good , greedily kept sipping on both …. Kontiki was a mix of my favourite flavors …. Pineapple Juice, Passion Fruit &Syrup, Coconut Milk, Chocolate Sauce with Cream. Loved this rich & creamy drink .

Soups – Creamy Tomato Soup with Croutons & Broccoli Soup …… To have these two inviting bowls on the table, again I couldn’t resist to try both these soups. Bot had a great taste.


Antipasti – Bruschetta Al Pomodoro ….. Sliced & slightly grilled farmer’s bread with a topping of chopped tomatoes flavoured with garlic, olive oil & oregano.
Fattoush Salad – So here you can enjoy Arabic salad along with Italian dishes.
Hot Mezzo – Black & White Sesame Coated Cotage Cheese with Spicy Cream …… Are you a fan of sesame seeds in your bites? Try this dish, you will enjoy each bite of Cottage Cheese with a generous garnish of sesame seeds & spicy cream….it was very delicious!
Munchies – Cheese Corn Balls …… While we were still enjoying those bites of Cottage cheese, & Fattoush Salad, an attractively presented platter of Cheese balls came to our table. Sometimes the presentation is so perfect , you don’t want to disturb the way it is done. The balls were soft cheesy & full of flavors.


Pasta – Pasta Alfredo …… Loaded with a lot of taste, the bowl of Pasta is recommended to try ….. you will love the richness of flavors , Pink Cream Sauce along with Butter, Roasted Garlic, Black Pepper, Fresh Parsley & garnish of Parmesan Cheese.
Thin Crust – Pizza Napoli …. Another great tasting creation …. It had everything balanced with a bit of crispness, softness, flavors & spices with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Onions, Capsicum, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Jalapeno Peppers & Chili Oil.

Dessert: Chocolate Mud Cake with Ice-Cream …….. this dessert was as toothsome & pleasurable as each & every course served to us. Without any biased comments , all the dishes served to us including this soft gooey dessert, made our entire dining experience amazing at Riso.


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