Blaze Burger’s Unveils 2 National Day Dishes

The Blaze Continues From Balaleet to Bahraini Tikka

Blaze Burgers, one of the Premium burger joints in Bahrain and UAE is already in celebration mood towards the spirit of the union on UAE National Day (2nd December) and Bahrain National Day (16th December) with a limited edition taste tickle to their already bold food selection. And though it’s quite wait to find a table at Blaze Burger JBR The Walk, the food really is worth the wait. Today the popular gourmet burger Bahraini chain is announcing the addition of two very popular items to commemorate UAE National Day, Balaleet and Bahraini Tikka. Both these items are specials back in Blaze Burger Bahrain where foodies and diehard burger lovers alike await the month of December to devour the deliciousness before the month is over.

Anyone familiar with the UAE and the Gulf countries would know how popular and delicious Balaleet is. This special breakfast dish is an unusually delicious mix of both salty and sweet eaten on the regular and is actually considered a type of sweet. Blaze has taken one of the most popularly traditional dishes and turned it into a milkshake to celebrate the local dish on National Day. Prepare to have your taste buds tickled with the rich blend of rose water, cardamon and saffron spices with the Balalee6 Milkshake.

Balalee6 Milk Shake

Any Bahraini, Gulf local or expat knows by heart how wonderful Bahraini Tikka is. Not only it is one of the most traditional Bahraini street foods, it is also largely inspired by coastal Persian cuisine for its bold and memorable flavors. It takes quite the guts and brings in a lot of glory to twist a traditional dish into a successful burger, and a highly memorable one at that! Every December Blaze Bahrain introduces the Bahraini Tikka burger, a popular dish for its flavors of traditional Lime based marinade used by all Bahraini Tikka restaurants alike.

Tikka Burger

You really don’t want to miss out on these two additions in December at Blaze Burgers, for once the month is over, they will be gone as well, quite a fitting way to end the year we think! From edgy art to edgy food and great atmosphere, we really couldn’t ask for more! Head over to JBR The Walk from December 2nd UAE National day, to witness and enjoy this merge of exotic and traditional flavors.


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