Saher Dia’s Golden Era Takes Over Arab Fashion Week

The five-day Arab Fashion Week was officially declared open yesterday evening by the Arab Fashion Council in partnership with Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum Juma AlMaktoum Investment (MBM).  The second of the bi-annual event this year takes place between November 15 and 19 ,2017 at City Walk, in partnership with Meraas. With the distinction of being the world’s only ready-couture and pre-collections fashion week, international and local designers will be presenting their collections for Spring/Summer 2018 and Pre-fall/Winter 2019.

“Simplicity is elegance” said Saher Dia following his show at Arab Fashion Week on November 15th where he showcased an exclusive collection for the first time as a pret a couture for this season.


With an impressive clientele inclusive of various Royalty and VIPS across the GCC and Levant, Fashion designer Saher Dia’s latest collection debuts at Arab Fashion Week leaving a truly memorable golden shine over all present.


Lebanese Saher is no stranger to opulence and grandeur, having been born and brought up in the UAE, and since establishing his atelier in 1997 he had mastered the art of how the right dress or fabric can perfect a woman at any function or event, from evening out to wedding.

Saher’s Golden Era collection included evening gowns and one royal wedding gown. The collection was completed by combining a powerful yet moving mix of pastels, boi de rose to pinks, blue gray to blues and a soft mix of off-whites and beiges moving towards golden on different fabrics with accents of silver and gradual color shifts. Bringing together a beautiful blend of fabrics, from stretchy satin and crepe and dantelle, chiffon, tulle, organza, taffeta and some detailed embroidery. From romantic aesthetics to breathtaking silhouettes, the collection takes you to a time where a woman’s femininity was evident in the sway of her skirt.


“We have to find a way to have the dress glow” Said style icon Marlene Dietrich long ago, and today Saher’s collection has drawn inspiration from golden style icons Marlene Dietrich followed by the exotic Rita Hayworth who has captured his heart, providing him the inspiration to create more gowns after further fashion research into the past, and then finally followed by timeless Greta Garbo, three historical fashion icons who left a serious fashion imprint within the same era. The three powerhouses of style gave birth to Saher’s Golden Era collection, bringing together a timeless collection of dresses loved from the 1920’s to the late 1940’s.


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