Kabayan Brunch At Maxx Music Bar – Citymax Hotel Dubai

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The restaurants at Citymax Hotel are always crowded which is an evidence of quality food & great offers at brunches. This was my second visit to Citymax. I had a very good brunch experience at Huddle Bar at Citymax earlier. And this time Kabayan Brunch at Maxx Music Bar was a whole lot of excitement , great food & if you enjoy pairing Karaoke ,traditional Filipino cuisine & live DJ you are surely to visit repeatedly to this place.

The collection of dishes which include Filipino cuisine, some similar to Thai dishes, fried Milk Fish & other Seafood options, tantalizing BBQ Chicken Wings,& Fried Chicken, some Italian touch like pasta, many delicious Non-Veg options, salads, desserts & live cooking counter where the cheerful chef prepares delicious Filipino dishes for you.


The restaurant has a calm ambiance with Karaoke, Kabayan Brunch starts on Friday from 1 to 5 pm. Drinks/ fresh juices are also included .

Here I share details of those interesting & tasty items included in the menu. On one side variety of Buns, Croissants, Cakes, Crackers are displayed.

Soup: Chicken Tinola, this Filipino soup is a must try , clear chicken broth alongwith Papaya wedges & chicken pieces …. A very healthy & delicoius start!
Salads: Assorted freshly sliced vegetables , Corn & Sweet Potato Salad, Chicken & Macaroni Salad.


Starters: Lumpia ( Vegetable Spring Rolls), Breaded Calamari, great tasting BBQ Chicken Wings, Kwek Kwek ( a Filipino Street Food , hard boiled eggs are coated with thick batter & fried), Fried MilkFish , Crabs.

Mains/ Curries:
Seafood Palabok , chef prepared this dish at the cooking counter, it had rice noodles topped with mild golden sauce topped with some shrimps & sliced boiled eggs.
Sweet & Sour Fish ……. Loved the soft flavorful boneless fish chunks done in mild juices and vegetables.
Pasta Carbonara ……. I am not very fond of Pasta, but here I enjoyed eating this creamy tasty pasta.
Jolly Fried Chicken ……. Its name says fried chicken, but you will hardly find much oil as in most fried chicken, again specially prepared batter was coated on toothsome & soft chicken pieces.
Garlic Butter Prawns ……. All seafood lovers are surely to have great treats at this brunch including these delectable prawns .
Bistek Tagalog …… soft tasty pieces of beef cooked in mild sauce & topped with sliced onions.

Desserts: Macarons, delightful Date Pudding , Fresh Fruits, Turon ( spring rolled wrap is used with a stuffing of bananas), Mahablanca ( a type of pudding prepared with Coconut milk), Biko, another specialty from Philippines,( sweet rice cakes made from coconut milk & brown sugar), Buko Pandan, it was creamy pudding with pandan flavor gelatin , coconut milk, cream & some more additions to make it a rich tasty dessert. Leche Flan, Red Velvet Cake.

Here I would conclude,the kabayan Brunch is a very good value for money with authentic Filipino dishes which are so inviting & lip-smacking including desserts.
The menu is priced only AED 49 with soft drinks.

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