Sonamu Korean Restaurant Asiana Hotel Dubai

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Last week I attended an event, where I got to try Korean cuisine for the first time, although I have been trying Korean food at several foodie events. It was great to experience authentic Korean dishes in Sonamu Restaurant tucked inside Asiana Hotel of Dubai .
Restaurant is spacious & has a great interior & adhering to their culture, they have a different seating style where you are actually sitting on chairs which are kept at the floor level. The traditional tree from the specific region has been decorated as part of their interior decoration.
Food has unique taste & presentation. There was a special set menu for that evening, some of the dishes were from the menu & the rest were prepared for the day. But it was all quite interesting to eat very small portions from each course, & at the end of the day we were filled up a lot.

Our meals started with a very delicate presentation of ……
Jeju Abalone Sookhwe …. marinated poached baby abalone with asparagus tips & sea urchin.
Halibut ChohweTimbale …. It was done with Caviar, Seaweed & Arugula & Cho Gochujang Sauce
Haemul deonjang , it was steamed Scallop & King Crab leg…
all these items were totally new to us, but all tasted very good.

Tofu Kimchi …. Tofu with Sesame flavored Chopped kimchi & Spring onion
Muchim Japchae ….Seafood Japchae, Glass Noodles with Poached Seafood & Vegetables.
Saewoo Wanja … Pan Fried Ground Shrimp Pancake with Shitake Mushroom & Sesame Sauce. This was a very delicious shrimp patty.

Grilled Black Cod Fillet …. With Pnug Cheon Eel Egg Custard in Bean Paste Broth.

Galbi Jjim …. Braised Beef Short Rib Meat. Meat tasted very good with new flavors.
Duet of Galbi & Lamb Loin …. Marinated Beef Galbi & Lamb Loin with Mashed Potatoes, vegetables & Garlic Confit.
Osek Kyungdan …. Boiled rice cake in different colors.
Yang Gaeng …. Red Bean Sweet Jelly
Mejakkwa … Fried Ginger Cookie
All these names of dishes & flavor combinations, some of them which were totally unfamiliar to us and combinations were unusual but the cuisine is delicious & worth trying & carries healthier options.

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