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Pan Asian Street Food Favourites are Going Vegetarian at this all-new Concept in Dubai.

Located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Umm Hurair in Bur Dubai, Tum Tum Asia is set to take the culinary scene by storm with its unique offering of the world’s most popular Asian street food, all perfected for the vegetarian palate.

The brainchild behind the brand, celebrity chef Akshay Nayyar, travelled across Asia to create an all vegetarian menu of dishes that taste as close as possible to their meaty counterparts.
Tum Tum Asia is all about authentic Pan Asian cuisine with a twist, where all dishes are 100% vegetarian. Here you will embark on a journey through the streets of China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia & Japan in a relaxed atmosphere where affordable Asian cuisine & drinks combine to offer a unique experience.
Tum Tum Asia’s menu will feature dishes from across 7 countries, which will include traditional Vietnamese ‘Banh’, which is Vietnamese local bread.
We got a chance to try some finest selections from the menu.

My favorite refreshing Jaljeera drink named as Masaleydaar Mojito was served in typical street style in plastic polythene bags. And the other was Mangolian Mantra with fusion of lemongrass, ginger, orange fizzer with lemon sorbet is sure to enliven your senses.


Grilled Paneer ….. big cottage cheese cubes were done to perfection served with spicy chutneys.


Banh Mii …… Banh is the usual bread from Vietnam but at Tum Tum Asia its a lot more than the usual bread. My full recommendations go for this glossy Veggie burger, this succulent item resembles a rich beef burger and has all the delightfulness & richness in a plate. This Vietnam style burger will satisfy your burger caving, layered soya patty , smokey mushrooms, beans , scallions & horseradish spread.


Sushi ( Tandoori) done with sour cream & flavored sushi rice with tandoori onions and mushrooms & peppers.


Bamboo Goreng ….. Indonesian curried fried rice perfumed with basil & coconut, charred Tum Tum style. Rice are prepared in Bamboo cylinder and dish out at your table.
Lip-smacking steaming hot Thai coconut curry and Jasmine rice were amazing combinations.


Innovation in presentation & taste are part of Tum Tum menu, whether it be a drink, a starter, main course or a dessert.
The luscious desserts which we tried were

Matcha Mania ….. irresistible slice of green tea & cream indulgence with lemongrass, milk mousse.

Chocolate Burger …. Enjoyed assembling the sweet creation done by the chef, layers of chocolate cookie bread, chocolate slice, brownie shavings, marshmallows & hot chocolate lava.


The menu include ‘100 Karat Gold Tempura’ – made using the finest tempura batter and sprinkled with the restaurant’s secret gold spice mix, a wide range of dumplings, pani puri, a delicious snack of crisp puffed balls filled with an irresistible spicy mixture, sushi and bao. A carefully crafted selection of mocktails include the palate cleanser ‘Barrel Blast’ – a smoky passion fruit chilli cooler concocted with a dash of tamarind, making it a must-try for those who need a soothing mocktail fix.

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