Tourism Authority of Thailand Dubai and Middle East office Partners with Emirates Airline and Dubai Ladies Club to launch ‘Amazing Luxperience Campaign’

The campaign aimed to highlight Thailand’s women-friendly attractions and luxury offerings to further attract GCC and Middle East travellers to visit the country-

 More than 50 premium members of Dubai Ladies Club, Emirates Airline, travel trade and hospitality industry professionals and media from Dubai attended the first-ever ‘Amazing Luxperience Evening’ event last Tuesday night, 26th September 2017, at Dubai Ladies Club. The event was aimed to highlight Thailand’s women-friendly attractions and luxurious offerings to entice women and luxury travellers from the Middle East to enjoy a huge range of activities, special deals, discounts and privileges in Thailand.




Mr. Pichaya Saisaengchan, the newly appointed director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Dubai and Middle East office said, “Today women are significant decision makers and powerful with high-spending power. With a full range of products and services that can serve women’s needs, Thailand can definitely be the ideal destination. This new partnership between Emirates Airline and Dubai Ladies Club will showcase how female travellers can enjoy these products and services wth ease and quality when they visit Thailand.”

Recently, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) launched Women’s Journey Thailand 2017 Campaign with the attendance of 56 well-known women celebrities and bloggers from all around the world including Ms Anika Morjaria, a Dubai-based Indian moderator and presenter, Ms Naeema Al Maqbali, an actress, moderator, and social media influencer from Oman and Ms Sara Fouad Amer, an Egyptian street reporter and social media influencer. The campaign was aimed to inspire female travelers all around the world to explore the variety of quality products and services Thailand has to offer.

Thailand has always been a destination of choice; there is a myriad of attractions from its islands and beaches to the cuisine and big city vibe of Bangkok. The Kingdom also has a long tradition of catering to luxury travellers. In recent years, Thailand has seen the emergence of spetacular health and wellness resorts, and intimate boutique pool villas located in some of the most scenic parts of the Kingdom as well as upscale shopping malls for luxury shopping.

TAT hopes to increase the proportion of Muslim travellers especially amongst the high-end and intermediate markets, as well as family and women groups.

From 1 January – 31 December 2016, Thailand welcomed 585,633 tourists from the Middle East including Iran, generating an income of more than 40 million Thai Baht, a 15% increase compared to same time last year. The top five tourism spending countries in the Middle East region are UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

The new director for TAT Dubai and Middle East Office also added, “We are pleased to announce that TAT Middle East Office received a 10% increase in tourist arrival from January – June 2016 compared to same time in 2017. From January – June 2017, Thailand received 79,207 tourists from the UAE, followed by 62,133 from Oman and 41,306 from Kuwait”.


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