Bisso’s Bakery

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A place where food is prepared with healthier cooking styles , run & organized by husband , wife & some recipe ideas from his mother …… Bisso’s is named after wife Bissan. Together they have come up with great selection in their menu which consists of Levant recipes where ideas have been originated from their regions. They are very particular when it comes to selection of ingredients & herbs like olive oil, zaatar etc. And above all oven baking is the only cooking method used here. They refrain from frying and excessive usage of oil & other unhealthy methods.

Not only you will experience delicious food but also enjoy warm hospitality at Bisso’s Bakery.

A very small outlet but as you walk in your perspective will change soon if you think this is a typical bakery serving just muffins and bread.
They also have an outdoor seating arrangement.

We had a lavish lunch spread at their outlet.

As our welcome coffee we had the famous Ethiopian Espresso shots.

Rose Lemonade is a true treat for Summer season, this gorgeous drink is prepared with pure rose petals which are dried & blended with lemons & orange blossom water. So refreshing with hints of rose essence.

Bisso’s Braid …. They use one standard dough which is used in all breads, buns and pizza base. This soft Bisso’s braid was stuffed with zaatar & akkawi.

Manakeesh ….. the ingredients were perfectly combined ….. this 3 in 1 dish had zaatar, akkawi & flayfleh. I like the spicy side mixed with Zaatar & akkawi.

Kabab Batinjan Skewers …… Mini wraps of baked dough and eggplant together stuffed with minced meat and topped with tomato paste , garnished with spring onions. Another tasty combination of eggplant with minced meat.

Bisso’s Chicken ……. Flat bread was topped with a very rich and finger-licking mixture of soft chicken chunks, mushrooms, onions, cream, & on top emmental & cheddar cheese doubles the delight. Must try this from the menu.

Lahim B Ajeen Halabi ….. This is the Arabic or Lebanese version of pizzas. We got to try two kinds of flavors in it.
Baladi : Minced meat is mixed with pomegranate molasses which gives a sweet, sour and a bit tangy flavor to the minced meat. This new taste is good to eat.

Eintabli : this was done in a simple style as compared to Bladi but flavors were well immersed.

Bisso’s Buns ….. The special bun recipe has been curated by Bissan which has flavors like Matcha, Charcoal & Nutella. These soft buns not only provide matcha & charcoal hints in the taste but also gives the delight as if you are eating cupcakes.

Tahini cookies … these are traditional cookies mildly sweet & garnished with sesame seeds.

Rose Jam & Pistachio ……. rose jam mixed with cream cheese is stuffed attractively in dough wraps which are then baked & garnished with pistachio & rose petals. The stuffing is very rich & tasty. The extra sweetness of rose jam has been balanced with cream cheese. Each bite is so delightful.

Mughli … This is said to be an occasional or festive sweet which is cooked to celebrate the birth of a new born. This brownish pudding has powdered rice, caraway seeds & cinnamon. Some other varieties in puddings are … Rice Pudding, Mango Float, Cheese Cake, & Zebra Cup.
Additionally, their menu offers salads which you can customize, breakfast items are also available and some Oven Baked Skillets like Sausages in Pomegranate Sauce, Chicken & Potatoes in Lemon Sauce, Tahini Kafta, Kibbeh Senye, Tomato Kafta, & Moussaka.
They also offer online ordering & home delivery service.

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