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Quattro Ristorante was in my list from a long time, and finally when I got the invitation ,I had that evening indulged with delicious vegetarian dishes prepared with a twist, where taste & presentation are unmatched, the limitation is only vegetables and molecular gastronomic cuisine is totally inspiring , where meat lovers like me got inspired with the innovative recipes. They serve Italian, Mexican vegetarian recipes with great styles and expert chef at Quattro prepares delightful combinations of different ingredients.
The décor is so calm and nature inspired, the amalgamation of water and plants in interior decoration is very appealing.
Other than great food & ambiance, they have a well informed & friendly staff Vishwanath, Sameer & Lancy attended us so well throughout the evening.


Beverages :
Virgin Mojito …… refreshing mint and cucumber drink was done special by topping it with brown sugar candy floss, it melts as the soda drink is added over it & the drink is ready. But you need to experience this all.

Cooler …. Our next drink was spiced water melon, fresh water melon was done spicy by adding some flavors like jalapeno. Great combination!


Sauces/Dips ….. A variety of Mexican & Italian flavors in dips & sauces were served on our table. It included different pesto, salsa, olive paste etc.


Taquitos …… you must have eaten tortilla cones a number of times but what about the filling? Here is the twist, these mini tortilla cones were stuffed with beans, jalapenos , tomato salsa, and at the top you will find a yummy tiny avocado ice cream scoop, beneath the scoop a few shreds of cheese will surprise you.If you are a real foodie looking for new taste , this one is for you.

Smoked Cottage Cheese …… this was an amazing fusion style dish with charcoal smoke done in a glass jar, corn dumplings & cottage cheese balls were prepared so deliciously and smoky flavor added more delight. Chipotle sauce was served along with it.
Olive and Mushroom Crostini …….. bites of toasted baguette slice were amazingly done with mushroom and green olives.


Salad: Caprese Di Quattro …. spoon serving of very delicious spaghetti tossed basil pesto , zucchini and a tiny sphere of mozzarella cheese on top. Loved the entire taste.

Pizza: Al Funghi …. must try this pizza, with so many ingredients, but still so light & healthy, you won’t leave a single bite in plate. What all it had was tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, garlic flakes, oregano, basil & drizzled with truffle oil. Again I would say so simple & delicious!

Rice: Risotto Vegetable ……. This was an irresistible risotto cooked in pink sauce with vegetables. The chef has the amazing secret recipe of pink sauce but the creamy flavorsome sauce was a mixture of tomato puree and cream . You need to try the best risotto recipe here at Quattro.


Desserts: When I came here for their Spice Klub restaurant review , we got to try some unique desserts here, so here again the dessert menu is awesome.

Tiramisu …. This spongy Italian dessert will keep you asking for more…. Perfect amalgamation of coffee caviar & mascarpone cheese . Again the presentation was unique.
Chocolate Dunkers …. green color caviar which is the apple caviar is so impressive along with the idea of serving sauces in small tubes. I enjoyed plating those sauces by the side of dessert, chocolate bars wrapped in filo pastry sheets served with caramel, strawberry & chocolate sauces with a delicious cookie dough ice cream scoop. You will get to try variety of sweet treats, flavors & an excellent presentation in one plate.


Our entire experience was wonderful, we ended up with another sweet offering of dark chocolates to end up. I would recommend to try this place & the adjacent Spice Klub restaurant not only for the veg lovers but I am sure any non-veg like me will definitely like the food here. All successful efforts are made in these two outlets to make their recipes unmatched & flavorful!


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