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With temperatures soaring this summer, quintessentially British café and restaurant, The Victorian is offering a refreshing and revitalising alternative way to rehydrate with its limited-edition tea-infused mocktail menu.

Devised by The Victorian’s Head Chef, Karl Kollmitzer, the Middle East’s tea drinking culture has been reinvented for The Victorian’s flavoursome tea-infused mocktail menu. The invigorating blends include classic concoctions such as the ‘Tea Time’ which fuses Assam Bargang Tea with fresh raspberry, the ‘Victoria’s Very Berry’ which is a mix of Very Berry Tea with zingy passion fruit and yoghurt, plus the ‘Summer Special’ which combines a fiery taste of Cinnamon Tea with orange.

Based in the heart of Dubai’s stylish City Walk, The Victorian is a tea lover’s paradise. Housing over 24 different types of tea including Cactus Fig Tea, Far East Tea, Rooibus Orange and Chocolate Tea, The Victorian is the perfect spot to re-discover the endless benefits of this time-old beverage.

One of my summer morning well spent in the kitchen of The Victorian, just when the sun began its job by soaring the heat here, we were learning useful tips & simple recipes of some chilled tea infused mocktails.
If you are looking for an ambiance with a pure elegant touch in interior & British inspired décor with floral tea sets on the table , here in The Victorian, healthy tea infused mocktails will make you spend hours in the café.


I am waiting for cooler days , as their outside arrangement is perfect to enjoy the calm atmosphere of City Walk.


About the mocktails…..
1.Tea Time …. This is the famous Assam Bargang Tea fused with Raspberry syrup, served with crushed iced and some fresh berries on top.

2.Victoria’s Very Berry ….. This is such a rich & healthy blend of fresh yogurt & passion fruit puree along with berry tea.(to make a certain flavor, tea leaves are treated and oxidized to make flavored tea) Start your day with this nutritious glass of fruit, yogurt & tea drink.

3. RasBaRose ……. If you like innovation in taste, a unique combination of rose tea, raspberry syrup and fresh basil leaves which is served by adding some soda for sparkling touch and finish with their own creation ‘’rose gelatin’’ named caviar.


3.Summer Special …. An amazing blend of cinnamon infused tea & orange juice.

Canapes ….
We had Mini Benedict …… soft mini muffin topped with Quail Egg, Kale & Hollandaise.
Scottish Smoked Salmon Sandwich ….. salmon with cream cheese and chives was too good.
Brie …….mini slice of bread was topped with delicious brie cheese , poached pears and candied walnuts.
Earl Gray Waffles …… One of their innovations which I liked too much & am also going to try by my self . Waffle bites were served with clotted cream, berries & earl gray tea, however did not feel the earl gray flavor but enjoyed the taste.
Mini Victorian Sponge Cake ….. loved this soft mini sponge cup cake with my cup of cappuccino.
Mini Granola ….. the healthiest shot of yogurt with honey comb and cranberry.


Head Chef Karl comments, “Famous for its healing and rehydrating properties and packed full of anti-oxidants, The Victorian’s tea-infused mocktails are not only the perfect way to keep cool this summer but a great way to stay healthy and get your daily dose of vitamins.”

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