Spoon & Glaze serves the true taste of Nature

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Yesterday when I was in search of a spot with unique ambiance to wind down for my afternoon tea & dessert craving, my hunt ended up at the second floor of Dubai Mall.
As I passed by from the place , I had a quick glance at the line of colorful flower pots which were on display, & my eyes stopped at the richly decorated cakes amongst those plant pots which took me to the lady who was very busy doing her business with those mini flower clay pots. Soon I came to know that this was all an innovation of cakes & desserts. The clay pots which seemed to be stuffed with clay were actually cakes like Mud Cake, Nutella & Chocolate Cake.
The entire concept and setting is nature inspired and surrounding give an effect of a mini garden. Refreshing & interesting touch has been given to the café.

All what is served to you is offered in Earthern ware & clay pots. The idea is unique and takes you back to olden days when clay pots were used for food & cooking. It is not only healthy but at the same time retains flavor while cooking.

We had a delectable tea spread which started with chilled smoothie.
Smoothie …. Mango & Chia seed Smoothie served in ‘Qolla’ , an earthern tall glass. The thick chilled mango smoothie was so refreshing & energizing.

Earth cake … Different flavors of cakes are set in mini clay pots decorated with flowers which resemble the original plant. It is served in different flavors like Blueberry, Strawberry,Mango, Dates, Caramel & Coffee etc. We had the cake with Nutella, Cream & a delicious garnish on top etc.

Umm Ali ….. The famous Egyptian dessert Umm Ali is served in Earthern pots which is slow cooked while still on the table & a separate serving of milk. This warm serving with a generous mix of nuts is so delightful.

Carrot Cake …… here comes my favorite dessert which is not always up to the standard in all restaurants/cafes. But the one served here is a must try if you want the true richness, moistness & taste of carrot cake along with nuts & cream in each bite.

In addition to cakes , desserts & smoothies cafe also has a Salad menu, seasonal fresh juices & coffees.

Spoon & Glaze says ….. ‘’In Spoon & Glaze you will eat, drink & will be served in Clay pots. You feel & look around in our theme of Earth, Flower, Mud & Sand. When you savour & enjoy your taste of Nature, please plant the seeds in the mud & empty pots given to you & watch your own flower growing. Spoon & Glaze is not only taste, but a lifestyle we want you to feel, live, enjoy & participate in.

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