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Those richly stuffed pizzas heavily loaded with mozzarella, meat & veggies are no doubt a great treat, I am personally a pizza fan, but unlike these rich pizzas, the authentic pizzas from their original land of Italy are worth trying. I recently experienced Neapolitan cuisine at Pizzeria Pulcinella at their Sports City outlet in Dubai.
Chef Domineco and his wife Claudia who belong to Naples. They follow the original cooking styles of their hometown with an aim to preserve flavors and retain the standards in their recipes have proved to be successful. Fresh ingredients are imported from Naples to Dubai. Burrata is freshly prepared in Dubai to retain the excellence in quality, which was evidenced in dishes.

This family run restaurant gathers a good crowd. Fitted LED screen for game enthusiasts, they have a small outlet in Sports City but an ample outdoor seating arrangement and kids play area which will be of much attraction during winter.


We were served bread bites as a starter while our appetizer was getting ready.

Calamari in Umido …… Sliced rings of squids cooked in tomato based stew, served with bread. The dish tasted well, enjoyed the squid rings with mild flavored tomato sauce. It was good!

We opted for Royal Pizza as suggested to us by the staff, which was very tempting & done so perfect! One portion is good for two. I like burrata, We enjoyed eating each bite of it , instead of sliced bresaola we opted for chicken, along with that it was heavily garnished with fresh rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, and the most pleasurable ingredient was the mouth melting burrata. Must try this pizza.


Tiramisu …. How can Tiramisu be less in standard in an Italian restaurant? Yes it was done to perfection, soft & spongy with creamy coffee & mascarpone layers and accompanied with chocolate sauce & a bit of fresh cream. It was topped with cocoa. Plate full of delight!



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