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The themed nights and cuisines at Medley Restaurant Pullman Hotel Deira Creek are always a big hit and much popular amongst guests and foodies visiting here.
As always it has an amazing offer for Iftar this Ramadan. Medley offers a lavish Arabic & Moroccan themed buffet specially curated and supervised by Master Chef Mama.

Each time when we visit Medley, it turns completely according to the theme of cuisine which it serves on each day during the week. Not only food, but the entire setup turns vivacious according to its theme night. If you join them at Indian themed buffet night you will see the staff in Indian attire and the buffet is a huge shout out of authentic flavors from India.
Wednesday Night is their Arabic themed night, it actually includes true Middle Eastern delicacies . Food is at its best , one is totally immersed in the authentic meat dishes prepared by their experienced Chef Mama. Whether it is Lamb Ouzi, Tagine or any Vegetarian dish the recipes are so appealing & inviting to your taste buds , heavily garnished with nuts and other dry fruits. Authentic Moroccon & Arabic inspired dishes are part of the menu.


For Ramadan
Special Ramadan drinks and huge variety of dates is available. Drinks like Kamar al Din, Jellab,Laban.

Salads / Hot & Cold Mezzes: So crispy and delicious Cheese Sambousek, Falafel, Spinach Fatayer, Kebabs.


In Salads a huge variety of fresh and mix salads and mezzes like Hummus, Spicy Hummus with Chicken, Laban, laban with Chilli, Muhammara, Moutabel, varieites in Olives, Pickles, Baby Marrow, Fattoush, Madjooli, Labneh with Sumac, Haloumi, and so much more.


Live cooking counter from where you can grab hot & fresh Shawarmas, Grilled Beef Kebabs and Lamb Skewers.
Soups: So healthy and vegetarian options like Harrira Soup and Lentil Soup.


Mains: Kibbeh Bil Laban, Fish Harra Sauce, Chicken Molokhia, Mutton Biryani.


Couscous Tfaya, Meat Balls Tagine, Chicken with Peas, Lamb Pineapple Tagine.


Sauteed Vegetable Chermoula, and the amazing lamb Ouzi.

Lamb Pineapple Tagine which is the best cooked tagine here, heavily garnished with almonds and prunes. Always loved the combination of fruits , dried nuts with meat in Moroccon dishes. Meat in each dish is soft , moist with all its juices and flavors.
Desserts : Just like lost in a mini town of sweet treats. Generous heaps of Arabic sweets were laid at the desserts section. Kunafa , Umm Ali, Baklava, Basbousa, Luqmat, Qatayef and a lot more to try.



Other than this Moroccon sweets like Shebakia, Briwat, Maamoul, Sfouf etc.

Selection from their Pastry Chef also had a wide variety which included Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate pastries, Black Forest Cake, Brownies, Cheese Cake Dark & White Chocolate Pastry, Mango Panna Cota( sugar free), Hazelnut Praline Mousse, Crème brulee, Blueberry Panna cotta, Custard Fresh Fruits ( sugar free) etc.

Ambiance as always is calm and family friendly.
Seating has all sorts of arrangement weather you are looking for a comfortable private corner with family or groups of friends. Restaurant has sections of dining hall, outside seating is also available, ample place to choose from.

Iftar Buffet: 175 per head
Kids 70 per head.

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