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I have experienced lavish dinners & brunches at Park Regis Hotel several times at their restaurant Kris with a View. The hotel lobby is wide & welcoming, Kris with a View is at 19th floor with awe-inspiring views. And as I have mentioned in my previous reviews, reading the review & my explanation about the food & restaurant ambiance won’t be enough as one needs to personally experience this all….. the restaurant has a capacious entrance lobby with much sizable halls on either sides, one hall is fixed for dining/buffet where as the expansion on the other side serves bar facilities and live music. This bar area is again split into smoking & non-smoking areas.

The views from the restaurant halls are so enthralling & makes one spend hours while savoring on themed buffet specialties. The seating arrangement is very organized, where most of the tables are arranged with a view. The full glass windows keeps you busy watching outside views.


This time we were invited for an Iftar preview, with Ramadan just around the corner, Park Regis Hotel is all set to welcome the sacred month and has arranged & decorated the entire restaurant with Ramadan theme. Emirati heritage in decor and a huge spread of Arabic cuisine, where guests will break iftar not only from a wide selection of starters, main course & desserts but at the same time savor Arabic delicacies from live counters like Shawarma Stations and freshly served hot mezzehs. On the other hand selection of Pan Asian dishes add a variety to the menu.


Salad & dry fruit stations offer great variety as well.

The buffet includes fresh juices like Ramadan’s special drinks Jellab, Qamar Al Din, Tamar Hindi, Laban Ayran. A special counter is also set with variety of dried nuts.

Salads: A huge selection of Arabic salads, fresh green salads , different types of cheese like Akawi, Baladi, Kaskaval, olives, Muhammar, Hummus, Fatoush, Tabouleh , Thai Vermicelli Salad, Labneh Balls, Baba Ganoush, Moutable, Koussa Bil Zeit, Mustard Fish Salad.

Starters: Onion Pakoras, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Fattah, Foul, Falafel,
Soups: Chicken Vermicelli Soup & Oriental Lentil Soup.

Main Course: Ouzi with Oriental Rice, Steamed Rice, Meat Mix Grill, Fish Fillet with Pomegranate, Okra Salona, Daoud Basha, Chicken Liver with Pomegranate Sauce, Roast Potatoes with Zaatar.

Pan Asian Dishes: Lamb Biryani, Teriyaki Beef with Broccoli, Chicken Tikka Masala, Mapo Tofu, Vegetable Phad Thai, Stir Fried Vegetables.
Executive Chef Abderrahim Lhannaoui prepared each dish with amazing flavors and each recipe had its own distinctive taste. Grills were soft & juicy as they have to be, starters were crispy and tasty. All items in main course are truly inviting & finger-licking. Simillarly desserts carry their own authentic flavors.


Desserts: Katayef, Kunafa, Baklava, Stuffed Dates, Basbousa, Muhalabia, Jalebis, Gulab Jamuns, Pastries,Tarts, Brownies,Umm Ali & Fresh Fruits.
A station offers fresh dates & Arabic /Turkish Qehwas & on the other hand Henna artist adds a true cultural touch to the evening.
Iftar Buffet is 130 per head.

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