Fairmont Ajman to Operate Al Fairuz Tent this Ramadan

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As we are fast approaching towards the sacred month of Ramadan, restaurants all across UAE have a lot to offer for Suhoor & Iftar during Ramadan. Ramadan Tents are trending fast in UAE since years, with Dubai being at the top for some of its best Ramadan Tents which operate throughout Ramadan for Suhoor & Iftar.
A great news to share with the foodies and for those looking for Ramadan tent here in Northern Emirates, Fairmont Ajman has a luxurious offer during Ramadan …. Al Fairuz Tent.
As explained to us by the General Manager Mr. Francis… The splendid setting of Al Fairuz tent is going to be in the gardens of Fairmont Ajman with breathtaking views & 14 meters  spread of buffet, 7 live stations serving delicious food catering the diverse culture. They will have mix cuisines on offer like Emirati, Middle Eastern, Indian etc you can satisfy your taste buds with the variety of cuisines , not only this the traditional live cooking will be seen where the Female Emiratis will be serving delicacies from the region like luqaimat. The very popular Lamb Ouzi , range of Arabic desserts, hot & cold mezzes and much more.
We attended an Iftar Preview at Fairmont Ajman, had some very delicious items from the menu of Kiyi Turkish restaurant at Fairmont Ajman. We got to try some dishes from their own menu as well as the creations by their smart team of chefs which they are planning to serve during Ramadan at Al Fairuz tent.
Additionally we got to enjoy the newly launched Badr Lounge  including Shisha.  For Shisha they have over 16 different flavors on offer varying from mild to strong, some are Arabic & Egyptian inspired, & rose etc . Their staff & mixologist is all set to welcome guests during Ramadan in tent.
This open air lounge has covered a very good area, its stunning ambiance is promising to be well suited for groups to relax for hours while having shisha.
Kiyi restaurant showcased stunning Ramadan setup, which they plan to display at Al Fairuz Tent. Soft Arabic live melodies entertained throughout the evening.To break the fast an attractive spread of dry fruits , juices were arranged in traditional setting with sofas and round table, the concept is to sit and eat in a shared setting and socialize.

They will be serving set menu and will be open till 4am for Suhoor.

The drinks included, Jalab the traditional Ramadan drink , Tamar Hindi ( tamarind drink)&, mango, Pineapple, orange etc.
Hot and cold mezzes …… The table was lined up with :
Hummus, stuffed Vine Leaves, Fattoush, Taboulleh, Kozlenmis Patlican Salatasi ( charcoal grilled eggplant salad with roasted red capsicum), Acili Ezme ( finely chopped seasonal vegetables with pepper paste & chilli flakes), Cerkezziye ( Char-grilled red bell pepper, walnut, garlic, & Turkish labneh), Saksuka ( lightly fried mixed vegetables with tomato sauce & yogurt) .

Spinach , meat and Cheese Fatayer were served hot & crispy.
Hot breads richly stuffed with Sujuk and Zaatar.
They have a succulent & mouth-watering addition of grills in their menu. What we enjoyed was … Tavuk Adana Kebab ( char-grilled chicken kebab on flat bread salad ), Adana Kebab ( char-grilled lamb kebab on flat bread with salad), Char- grilled Lamb Chops. Lamb chops were so soft and richly flavored, same were the lamb & chicken kebabs. Enjoyed eating grills.
Mains: Butter Chicken, Shish Barak, Fish in Tomato Gravy, Chick pea Rice, Lamb Ouzi with Rice. Butter chicken had mild flavors , so good for those also who avoid eating spicy flavors. Big chunks of steamed fish were coated with tomato sauce. Lamb Ouzi was great in taste too! Heavily garnished with nuts and rich in flavors. Big meat pieces with rice and garnish of nuts was served in big platters on our tables.
Desserts: Its always so pleasureable to eat Arabic sweet delicacies , even after eating heavy meals, the Arabic sweets stuffed with nuts and drenched in sugar syrup are irresistible . Kunafa is another lip- smacking dessert , I cannot keep myself off from this dessert. Different Arabic sweets were on offer to us, Bakalava, Kunafa, Basbousa, Qatayef, Fresh Fruits, Date Pudding, Aish el Saraya etc.
Moroccon Tea, Arabic/ Turkish Qehva, and Shisha were also available.

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