The Thai Kitchen – Park Hyatt Dubai

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The Art of Thai Culinary is a project initiated by The Royal Thai Consulate General Dubai with support from Tourism Authority of Thailand Dubai, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited Dubai, to create awareness of authentic Thai dishes prepared by Thai Chefs as well as support restaurants that serve good standard Thai Cuisine. To award & acknowledge the Thai chefs from Dubai’s renowned hotels, the event was held at The Thai Kitchen, Park Hyatt Dubai followed by a lavish lunch.
Thai Food established its recognition worldwide for its herbal ingredients and delicate cooking process which contribute to balance flavors which are a feast for the senses.
The Thai Kitchen serves a delicious spread of Thai delicacies, the ambiance around the restaurant is quite impressive. Park Hyatt covers an ample area alongside Dubai Creek with its various restaurants. Outdoor seating provides creek view where you can also enjoy the activity of Yachts, sea planes. Additionally, the plantation and birds chirping around you makes it awe-inspiring.
Inside the restaurant they have open kitchens where chefs are seen busy showing their expertise. If you like pure Thai flavors, then you will definitely admire the recipes.
Soups: Chicken Galangal Soup, Spicy Shrimp Soup. Liked the spiciness & flavors of clear soup with big sized shrimps.

Starters: Fish Cakes, Chicken in Pandan Leaves, Vegetable Spring Rolls. All these had a very good taste.

Salads were lined up with options like Roasted Duck Salad, Spicy Minced Chicken Salad, Papaya Salad. I enjoyed the minced Chicken Salad, it was very good.

Mains: Chicken Massaman, Pad Thai Chicken, Noodles, Sticky Rice, Fish etc. Dishes are prepared with a very good balance of flavors and each dish carries its own great taste.

Desserts: Sweet Potato Pudding, Sago, Canatloup Melon, Grilled Sticky Rice with Banana, Water Chestnut Dumpling, Banana Cake, Sticky Rice with Thai Egg Custard & freshly cut fruits including Thai fruits.

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