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I have been to many Indian themed restaurants serving fusion dishes, where the chefs follow the traditional basic recipes.This combination of flavors with other cuisines to give a twist to Indian recipes has been widely popular in Indian restaurants all across UAE. This time we had a very distinguishing dinner experience last week at Tamba restaurant.
I truly enjoy the fusion touch where the basic concept remains the same but new techniques makes the presentation and taste equally great.
Tamba is an Indian inspired restaurant. From Ajman, it was worth visiting to Abu Dhabi, the restaurant not only has an enthralling ambiance but its innovation in recipes and warm hospitality of staff is incredible. The staff is very well informed & fondly explains the making and history of each dish. Well that’s quite interesting that some of the dishes like desserts which you will be served here are related to history from Mughal Era in India. It carries a short story which you will enjoy listening from the staff.
Our attendants George & Sunil accompanied & guided us at each serving of the course.
Our drinks were:
1.Dragon Flower …. A great refreshing mix of lime, lemonade, orange blossom, elderflower with floating dragon fruit.
2.Passion Fruit Pataka …. It had a slight tingling effect as its name says. It also tasted well.
3.Toddy ….. This is a must mentioned drink which was specially prepared for us by their mixologist. It was a warm drink made with warm water, lemon juice, honey, cloves, cinnamon & hints of cardamom. Best to drink if one suffers from cold, also good for digestion. The staff is also expert in reading minds of their customers. We really needed such kind of a drink to overcome the changing weather conditions that might affect anyone.

1.King Crab Puri …… This was so interesting, Pani Puri was stuffed with crab meat along with desi flavors. Enjoyed, when we gobbled the whole pani puri in one go like the way it has to be eaten , I could also taste some tamarind juice. The good thing is, every dish clearly defines the aroma & flavor of the ingredients added to it.

2.Delhi Mix Quinoa Smokey Mess ….. A latest version of Delhi Chaat, amazingly layered with Quinoa rice, yogurt, salsa, Indian spices puffed rice etc. Same delicious mouthwatering chaat with healthy & sumptuous addition of Quinoa. I enjoyed eating till the last bite of it.

Raw …… Seared salmon pieces were served in a platter which were wrapped around citrus explosion ( small tangerine bites), anardana, scallops, chilli lime, spicy tuna, avocado, churmuri. The after taste in mouth was mild, sour & spicy flavors with delicious juices at the base, Indian flavors but amazingly combined with Salmon.

1.Sweet & Sour Pumpkin, Spinach Paratha & Tomato Salsa
Mini green roundels of Spinach Parathas with pureed pumpkin which was sweet & sour, this dish was so appealing.

2.Bombay Bhaji rolls, Creamy Aampanna ….. Again a wonderful Italian & Indian fusion was done where lasagna strips were rolled and stuffed with delicious mixed vegetables topped with creamy sauce, aampanna flavor and finally a heavy colourful garnish of sauteed vegetables was done. Very great tasting vegetable lasagna!
3.Mushroom Khichdi, Croquettes, Blackberry Achar …..
The humble khichdi dish is prepared with risotto rice & mushrooms, with hints of blackberry achar. What a different touch has been given not only to khichdi but blackberry achar is new in my food dictionary. Additionally the khichdi was made rich with mini mushroom croquettes. The creamy, buttery and delicious khichdi is hit in the menu.

Chicken & Duck:
Mangalorean Chicken, Coconut , Dosa …. What a great feast it makes when you get taste, presentation , innovation all in one dish. Simple dosa was stuffed with mangalorean styled chicken served with coconut mint chuttney. One has to try those scrummy Chicken Dosa Rolls dipped in coconut mint chutney.

Fish & Seafood:
1.Grilled Chilean Seabass, Harra Pesto. Not exaggerating, the best Seabass in town is served here! It is available with all its goodness, juiciness and amazing combination of pesto. A pretty good size of Seabass fillet is served coated with green pesto.
2.Tiger Prawns Coconut Mirchi …. Another tasty item from the seafood menu, we were so filled up eating but can’t resist eating all those rich dishes being served to us. Drenched in coconut gravy these prawns were beautifully garnished with dried tomato powder. How cool is the look!

Lamb & Beef:
Lamb Chop Teekha …. Very succulent grilled lamb chops , if you are a fan of meat, great meat recipes are available in the menu.

Have you ever heard of desserts acting as characters? This new theme in desserts is found here at Tamba. We came across interesting short stories about each of their desserts, I would recommend readers to experience all this in person while tasting on those luscious desserts and at the same time listening to famous historical love story from Mughal Era.
In short … the dessert which was served to us is named ’Indecent Proposal’ which is a new version of their dessert ‘Bride’ which was previously added in their menu at Valentines Day . Relating to the famous historical love story of Queen Mumtaz, the desserts are named after the characters. They also served us very delicious chocolate dessert named ‘Breakup’ which had dark chocolate mousse, peanuts, butter, semi freddo salted caramel, & hot chocolate. A must try dessert.
At the same time you will be lost in the magical presentation of ‘’Indecent Proposal’’ with liquid nitrogen added, and you can smell slight hints of the rose essence, other ingredients are granita, frozen dried raspberry, raspberry jelly & lemon sorbet. The dish tasted good with a sweet & sour combination.

The restaurant has dim light effects , impressive candles in the decoration and a giant bell hung at the roof depicts the culture of the country.
A bar where the cheerful mixologist was busy doing his job. The restaurant atmosphere is family friendly. And a very capacious outdoor arrangement which is a favorite spot for Abu Dhabi foodies , and also serves as a SunDowners lounge.
Although dishes in menu are a bit pricey, but its worth paying for these dishes.

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