The Art of Thai Culinary 2017 – Discover Thainess through Authentic Thai Cuisine

 Earlier this March 2017, Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, The Royal Thai Consulate-General ,Dubai with Tourism authority of Thailand ( Dubai), Thai Airways International Public Company Limited Dubai, and The Professional Culinary Club in Dubai and The Northern Emirates announced the winners of Kaeng Massaman Kai and Som Tum Thai Contest 2017.

Last week the event was attended by the Thai consular generals of different countries along with their families. Interactive Thai cooking sessions were delivered by Ms Kanita wife of Consular General of Thailand.


Later, winners were awarded in an Award Ceremony followed by a lavish lunch at  Thai Kitchen, Park Hyatt Dubai .




Winners in each Category:

Som Tum Thai ( Papaya Salad)

Award Category                  winners                               Restaurants

Platinum                              Mr. Anan Tumya                WiseKwai

                                                                                               Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel

Diamond                            Mr. Surachai Arsarat        The Thai Kitchen

                                                                                               Park Hyatt Hotel

                                             Ms. Wannapa Yensiri        Benjaorng

                                                                                              Dusit Thani Hotel   

Gold                                    Mr. Pramote Kumpai        Rhong Tiam Restaurant.


Kaeng Massaman Kai ( Chicken Massaman Curry)

Award Category                  winners                             Restaurants

Platinum                              Mr. Surachai Arsarat      The Thai Kitchen 

                                                                                               Park Hyatt Hotel


Diamond                            Mr. Anan Tumya               WiseKwai

                                                                                              Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel



  Gold                                    Mr. Napat Kaveevangso       Benjaorng

                                                                                                 Dusit Thani Hotel   



Thai Food established its recognition worldwide for its herbal ingredients and delicate cooking process which contribute to balance flavors which are a feast for the senses.

The Art of Thai Culinary project is initiated by The Royal Thai Cosulate General Dubai with support from Tourism Authority of Thailand Dubai, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited Dubai, to create awareness of authentic  Thai dishes prepared by Thai Chefs as well as support restaurants that serve good standard Thai Cuisine.

Listed on the CNN’s most delicious food Kaeng Massaman Kai (  Massaman Curry) and  Som Tum Thai ( Spicy Papaya Salad) are two signature dishes that Thai Chefs will compete for authenticity, technicality, taste and perfection. Praised by CNN, Massaman Curry is ‘’the king of curries and perhaps the king of all foods. Spicy, coconutty, sweet & savory…” while Som Tum Thai, ‘’Thai most famous salad’’, presents its beauty through its refreshing flavors, from fresh chilli, green lime, palm sugar and fish sauce.

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