Dubai Media Incorporated launches the second season of Fashion Star on Dubai One and Dubai TV


* The first Arab fashion reality show, featuring International Designer Reem Acra

* 12 new contestants competing for prizes worth AED 1,250,000 and the opportunity to showcase their designs on

Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) announces the return of their popular reality show, ‘Fashion Star’, on their only English channel, Dubai One. The show caters to the Arab elite talent in fashion design, featuring international designer Reem Acra; international fashion model, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem; and Ramzi Tabiat, creative director for the renowned retail brand Al Ostoura, as well as television host Leila Ben Khalifa.

Sarah Al Jarman, Dubai One Channel Manager, discussed the importance of encouraging young talents from the Arab world to participate and showcase their aspiration and compete through this platform. Fashion Star seeks to unveil designs that deem capable of recognition across the fashion realm in the Arab nation and discover each contestants’ creative potential to achieve worldwide exposure.


In addition to encouraging interaction and offering a sense of adventure, contestants are given the opportunity to be on stage and execute their perception of Arab fashion for the first time. Fashion Star is the first-of-its-kind show in the Arab world that allows contestants to showcase their designs and sell to the public directly.

The second edition of Fashion Star will kick off in March of 2017, as part of Dubai One’s new grid. This will be in conjunction with the preparation to host the contestants in major artistic and directorial capabilities that are up to par with the presence of renowned Lebanese International designer Reem Acra, alongside Crème de la Crème of fashion designers, famed advertising and media fashion figures.


Sarah Al Jarman noted the big preparations and the massive production values that have been deployed by DMI and Dubai One and have been mobilized for the first time with such drive. The totality of the episodes will be shot in Dubai based on unwavering standards that are upholding high-quality, intellectual content and elegant pictures that are in harmony with the constant direction and efforts of DMI’s specialized teams. Al Jarman reiterated that Dubai One aims at to providing credible thematic programs that reflect the humanitarian and civilizational face of Dubai and the UAE, which have managed to demonstrate the successful Arab example that is in sync with major developments.

During the press conference held at the Royal Mirage Hotel, Dubai in the presence of local, Arab and foreign media on the occasion of the announcement of new program’s launch, Dubai One Channel Manager spoke of the 12 fashion designers’ opportunities to that have provided them with international stardom and fame following a rigorous selection process spanning the Arab World. Detailing the various tests that they have undergone as well as the comments received from the judging panel, she promises that this season will showcase exceptional designs. Every episode will witness one contestant leaving the show after being set in the elimination zone alongside two others. The winner will receive a prize of AED 450,000 and a chance to showcase and sell his or her designs on fashion site ‘’, in addition to a cash prize of around AED 300,000.

It is worth noting that as of the fifth episode until the ninth, a representative from will be present to select one of the designer pieces from aforementioned episodes and upload them for sale live on the website where total sales are expected to top AED 500,000.

Arabic Fashion Star, Season Two premieres on March 1st on Dubai One, every Wednesday at 10 PM UAE time, 6 PM GMT, and the re-broadcast occurs every Friday at 1:30 PM and every Saturday at 9 PM. The show will also be aired on Dubai TV, every Friday at 10:30 PM UAE time and 6:30 PM GMT.


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