Dining with a New Concept – Yamaha Café Box Park Dubai

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While passing by the line of eateries at Box Park, & deciding what kind of cuisine to try , most importantly if you are with a family with kids. Such families would definitely opt for a place where they can spend their quality time having their favorite food and at the same time little ones get busy in activities. What better could it be if kids are busy at the play station games while the parents enjoy Japanese flavors.
Box Park has one similar concept , this one-stop shop named Yamaha Café is related to the famous Yamaha Brand and Al Yousaf Motors. At this unique location you can shop the brand accessories, kids can play at play station games while being seated at Yamaha bike models. What a great fun for the little ones!
Café has a comfortable ambiance, lively & sporty décor with bikes inside and outside. Walls , and furniture are ornamented with a theme of bikes and accessories .
Since the café serves Japanese cuisine, they surprised us by serving a very authentic Emirati dish Balaleet. They have this on offer as Arabic breakfast, It would be great for those who like Emirati dishes, they can try Japanese themed ambiance and food at the same time savor on their traditional Emirati food.
Our drinks were Tokyo Sunshine and a very refreshing mix of Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Strawberry & Ginger Ale.

Cucumber Rolls: It was a very delicate presentation of finely sliced cucumbers which were stuffed with cream cheese & were rolled.

SANDWICHES: Sushi Sandwich …… This is the cutest & delicate sandwich created & given a Japanese touch …. Rice is used instead of any buns or bread , the filling was Nori ( edible seaweed), Avocado, Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi ( a kind of fish), Tobico, Wasabi, & Ginger. But the stuffing varies,I have tried different stuffings at other Japanese restaurants, all types taste good, it depends if you like raw seafood or cooked stuffing.
Sea Odyssey Tempura …. Crispy fried coated Prawns, Noodles in spicy sauce and spring onions.The hot flavorful sauce was a good combination with noodles & three pieces of tempura.
Crispy Spicy Salmon Roll ….. Liked the slight crunchiness in sushi , all it was made of Rice, Nori, Cucumber, Avocado, Crunchy Tempura, Spicy Mayo,& Salmon. It was a platter of 8 pieces .
DESSERT: A mixed dessert plate was served to us, it had Doryaki … Pancake with Sweet Red Beans .
Yomogi …. Red Beans soaked in Soybeans Milk & Sugar covered with Matcha Powder and Rice.
Matcha Green Tea …. Enjoyed this tea and at the same time learned to make it with the special bamboo hand whisker specially designed to foam matcha powder and water. This Matcha green tea is derived from green tea plant & is beneficial in many aspects.
Some of the Highlights:
Business Lunch Offer: Sunday to Thursday – 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Bowl of Edamame, Plate of Sushi, Sweets . AED 69
Breakfast, Home Delivery, Kid Friendly, Outdoor Seating available.

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